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Background: ChalkZone Video was a sub-label of ZBS/Snee-Oosh Video for low-budget, classic, and TV movie releases on video, later reactivated by Warped Snee-Oosh Home Entertainment as "ChalkZone DVD" to distribute budget DVDs.

1st Logo (1983-1984)

Nicknames: "Space", "Chalkzone Video In Space" "The Key Video Parody"

Logo: On a computerized space background, the words "CHALKZONE VIDEO", in a yellow Helvetica font, appear with a dissolving effect. The words are arranged in a spiral-like fashion. They spin and spiral around five times, then arrange themselves in a straight line. After a couple of seconds, they dissolve out with a "chyron mist" effect.

FX/SFX: The space background, and the words dissolving, spiraling, and arranging in a straight line.

Cheesy Factor: This logo just reeks of early 2D CGI graphics, the font is too plain, and the "dissolving" effects are very, VERY outdated by today's standards. The clichè starfield background also looks cheap. The spinning seems to be smooth, however.

Music/Sounds:Same as the Key Video logo from 1983.

Availability: Extremely rare. Can be found on a betamax copy of Who'll Dry the Rain and VHS copies of The Gaming System and Listen to Your Body.

Scare Factor: Medium. The spiraling words can make you dizzy and the music can scare some people.

2nd Logo (1984-1990, 1995)

Nicknames: "The ChalkZone Logo", "Tri-Colored Rudy" Another Key Video Parody

Logo: On a shady gray background, two 3-D elongated boxes and a triangle flip towards the screen. The shapes align together, forming the outline of a box, as the 3-D words “CHALKZONE VIDEO” zooms out below. The logo “shines” and turns to a video of Ruby Tabootie talking. The “CHALKZONE VIDEO” words are a shade of pink, white, and blue.


  • The logo sometimes appears in black and white.
  • This has appeared in green, yellow, and orange colors at least once. The background is a more grayish color.
  • The Chace Surround Sound logo may appear at the top left of the screen. This is on the one instance of the orange/green variant we know of.

FX/SFX: The entire formation of the logo, the shine.

Cheesy Factor: The early CGI effects, and the synth tune. The CGI is also dated. But, it's just a clip from the ChalkZone episode "Rudy's Story" where Ruby talks!

Music/Sounds: A majestic tune with a long beginning, followed by the audio of the clip. A few tapes may include a voiceover.

Availability: Rare. Tapes with this logo include Where The Girls Are '84, P.Z. Private Zone, and Today's Child. This is retained by surprise on the 1995 VHS of Better off Killed, seen after the 1995-1997 Snee-Oosh Video logo. The black and white variant was spotted on the Chalkzone Video releases of Attack of the 50 Ft. Man and Young Arnold among other black and white films. The green/orange variant appears on the VHS release of Footlight Mobius. It is unknown if it has appeared any other times, nor if there is a version without the Chace bug.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. The dated music and the primitive CGI might turn some off, but it's mostly harmless.

3rd Logo (As Chalkzone DVD) (2000s-????)

Nickname: "Snap of Boredom" The Key Dvd parody

Logo: On a white background is Snap talking inside a yellow rectangle. The words "CHALKZONE DVD" are seen below the rectangle.

FX/SFX: The video's animation.

Cheesy Factor: It's just a clip from the ChalkZone episode "Snapmobile" wwhere Snap talks. That's very unprofessional! Also, the text screams the '80s.

Music/Sounds: The audio of the clip, which has Snap talking.

Availability: Can easily be found on any DVD spouting the ChalkZone DVD logo, such as Slaughter of the Bodies. This also appears on the original DVD of Basket Book 3: The Progeny even though the packaging says Warped Snee-Oosh. The DVD Geesebumps: The Brothers Next Door strangely has the ChalkZone DVD logo on the box, disc and the entire packaging, but this logo doesn't appear.

Scare Factor: None. This logo is very boring.

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