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ChocolateCoaster Pictures Is A American Movie Company,It Was Founded In 1961,It Did Not Use The Logo Until 1963.

1st Logo (1963-1972)

Nickname: "B&W Chocolate I" "Screen-ish Chocolate"

Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: The Spinning Of The Chocolate,The Text Fade In.

Music/Sounds: Opening Theme Of The Movie

Availability: Seen On Their American Films.

Scare Factor: Minimal.

2nd Logo (1972-1976)

Warning Warning: Do Not Watch It If You're Prone To Elipsy

Nickname: "B&W Chocolate II" "Ushasri Productions's American Brother" "Chocolate Of Doom" "Chocolate From Hell/Heck"

Logo: On A Space Background,We See A Rollercoaster Zooms In And Hits The Screen, C Fade In,C Fade In,And P Fade In,Anyway, "ChocolateCoaster Pictures" Zooms In,Until We Fade To Black.

FX/SFX: The Zooming In.

Music/Sounds: Same As The Ushasri Productions 1971 Logo.

Availability: Seen On Their American Films,Again?!

Scare Factor: High to NIGHTMARE,Because The Roller Coaster Will Get Worse.

3rd Logo (1976-1982)

Nickname: "No More Black And White" "Chocolate In Color I"

Logo: On A Blue Background,We See A Rollercoaster Track From Theme Park Tycoon 2,If The Chocolate Drops,Then The Chocolate Melts,An Pink Text "ChocolateCoaster Pictures" In A Comic Sans Font Zooms In,Until We Fade To Black.


Music/Sounds: When A Loud Cymbal Plays When The Chocolate Drops,The Chocolate Melts While Playing A Ominous Wind,Followed By Dramatic Suspense.

Availability: Seen On Their American Films Once Again.

Scare Factor: Low.

4th Logo (1982-1990)

Nickname: "Chocolate In Color II" "Chocolate Is In The Globe" "Chocolate Globe"

Logo: TBA


Music/Sounds: Same As The Universal Pictures Logo.

Availability: Current

Scare Factor: Minimal to high.

5th Logo (1990-2000)

Nickname: "The Theme Park" "Chocolate Coaster"

Logo: On A Sky,We See A Theme Park Entrance,So It Walks Slowly,And The Roller Coaster Is A Little Far Now,We Zoom In To A Camera,When The Scene Freezes,A Brown Text "CHOCOLATE COASTER PICTURES INC." In Comic Sans Font Fades In,Until We Fade To Black.

FX/SFX: Coming Soon!

Music/Sounds: None or Opening Theme Of The Movie.

Availability: No longer current

Scare Factor: None to minimal,Cool Logo,It Is One Of The Longest Logos Ever.

6th Logo (2000-2011)


7th Logo (2011-2019)


8th Logo (2019-)