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Background:Chuck Productions Was found on Television logo kinds logo
Ponyvile Productions but logo their

1st Logo


Nickname:Chuck's Head

Logo:We See a Chuck the Cat we zoom out slowly words CHUCK PRODUCTIONS (R) has shown blue.

Music:Seasonal Film corporation's Music.

Availability:Seen on "The Blues from Planet Weird"

Scare Factor:None.He seems nice.

2nd Logo



Logo:The blue text "Chuck Productions"speeds to the right.we see Chuck's Head.

Triva: chuck is an tabby cat for part of the time lines, Music:A WHOOSH sou effects to make the text speed.

Availability:Seen on releases.

Scare Factor:Low.

3rd Logo


Nickname:costume Logo:we see angry birds toons Characters:

1:Fire Chases Birds

2:pig on fire

3:Chuck scares Terence

The company names fades in pink.


.On Dumb,it's was NTSC Version.

Music:Half of mortadelo and filemon intro.

Availability:Seen on "Blues & Chuck Show" on VHS.

Scare Factor:Low.

4th logo


Nickname:sky,Chuck appears

Logo:Against on A Cloud BG we see Chuck was seen a we see text Chuck Productions has shown green byline name a paramount company.

Music:Whoosh sound piano & drum synth tune chuck saying ho ho & the ends.

Availability:seen on releases

Scare Factor:on a high background fades & music in few

5th Logo

(June 2009-2010)

Nickname:Webkinz Cat

Logo:We see Webkinz Cat Plush on a Road the words fades Chuck Productions has shown white.

Music:The Vci Music 1986.

Availability:Seen on Releases Company Films.

Scare Factor:None

6th Logo


Nickname:fading letters

Logo:at the black BG We see a Fades C & P & I words are Word Chuck Productions has shown Red.

Music:the VCI Music 2000.

Availability:seen on "Raving Birds"

Scare Factor:None

7th Logo


Nicknames:Globe Earth Universal rip-off

Logo:we see a earth rip off word 22 Years of Chuck Productions is shown.

Music:the Barney Home Video Music.

Availability:seen on Releases.

Scare Factor:to medium to high lower Lichtenstein music.

8th Logo

(2011 Present)

Nickname:Chuck Vail

Logo:We see Chuck in blue BG word Chuck Productions is Shown Black

Music:part of poker face by lady gaga plays.

Availability:Seen on DVD & Bluray's.

Scare Factor:None.

Chuck Television

1:on a Red BG text is light blue

2:on Purple BG Text is Pink

3:on a Sky Blue BG Text is White.



Scare Factor:TBA