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background:city burg films is founded in 1917 by james olie cole (joc) burg (1889-1989) while his son phil burg (1900-1994) was geting rose his friend (now wife) agine burg (1903-1997) and his son jimmy burg (1933- )

1st logo (1917-1921)

logo: we see a paper then someone draw "c i t y b u r g" then under it "films"

FX/SFX:live action

music/sounds:drawing sounds

availability:the movies which has bad story in 1924 it's extinct

scare factor:none

2nd logo (1921-1925)

logo:we see phil burg build a toy cat with the text "city burg films"

FX/SFX:look at the 1st logo

music/sounds:the opening theme of the moive

availability:seen on old tapes

scare factor:none

3rd logo (1925-1929)



music/sound:a 6-note piano

availability:seen on old tapes

scare factor:low

4th logo (1929-1933)


more coming soon