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Background: This is the vanity card of the American actor, model, producer and screenwriter Arthur Napointek (pronounced Nap-ee-on-ek, the t is silent), the creator of the Freeform (formally ABC Family) series Arthur (not to be confused with the animated education series of the same name, which airs on PBS).


(September 13, 2006 - March 27, 2013)

Warning: Due the logo's partial nudity, photos and videos of The Arthur Movie variant will not be allowed on this site.

Nicknames: "The Cleaning Hunk", "Return of The Cleaning Hunk", "The Hot Man", "Umm, why is this guy not wearing a shirt?" "At Your Service", "

Logo: We see the Cleaning Hunk (Arthur Napointek himself) from the 2006 Xtra-Pine commercial standing in front of a living room. The Cleaking Hunk then says "Hey there! I'm the cleaning hunk." He then quickly takes off his shirt and undershirt, grabs a bottle of Xtra-Pine, and says "At your service", and think blinks.


  • This logo was filmed at the same studio and the same living room as the Xtra-Pine commercial, except the fact that the lady from the commercial who fell in love with Napointek is not in the logo.
  • This is pretty much a remake to the 2006 Xtra-Pine commercial that Napointek was in.


FX/SFX: All live action.

Cheesy Factor: There is nothing wrong with the quality of the logo. It looks and sounds fine. It's just that Napointek, a.k.a. the "Cleaning Hunk" can sometimes be a showoff and show a little too much skin, especially in The Arthur Movie variant.


Music/Sound Variants:TBA

Availability: Common. It can be seen on the first 6 seasons of the Freeform (formally ABC Family) series Arthur (not to be confused with the PBS series of the same name). The extended variant was seen on the opening to the 2010 The Arthur Movie, which was distributed by Touchstone Pictures and Mirimax Films.

Scare Factor: None. You may be titillated or offended by the subject matter of the logo. But those who are used to seeing Arthur Napointek with less clothing on should be less worried. Fans of Arthur Napointek will most likely like this logo, and even call this one a favorite.


(April 17, 2013 - present)

Logo: TBA

Variants: TBA

FX/SFX: Same as the previous logo.

Chessy Factor: Same as before. Also, things can get too uncomfortable as Napointek emerges out of the tub completely in the 2014 film Arthur 2: The Alumni variant.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Avaliability: Current. Seen on recent/new episodes of the Freeform series Arthur since season 7. Also seen on the 2014 film Arthur 2: The Alumni, the sequel to the 2010 film The Arthur Movie.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. Napointek quickly emerging out of the steamy tub and the drops of water flying may startle some if caught off-guard. The blue steam and the darkness of the logo may contribute, but the logo is mostly harmless. The scare factor is lower for those who are used to it.