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1st Logo


Logo: It is Not Really a Logo. Just a In Credit Text Says "कोबी हग्लेमोन्स्टर प्रोडक्शंस".

FX/SFX: Opening Theme of a Movie.

Music/Sound: Opening Theme of a Movie.

Availability: Seen on Fantasy Movies That is in Hindi.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo

(August 2013-)

Nickname: "Hey! It's Cobby HuggleMonster!" "Cobby Hindi"

Logo: On a White Background We See a Blue "Cobby HuggleMonster Productions" Zooming Out One-Bye-One We See Cobby HuggleMonster Standing up on a Logo.

FX/SFX: Zooming Out One-By-One and Cobby Fading in.

Music/Sound: An Orchestral Tune.

Availability: Seen on Fantasy and Adventure Movies and Animation Movies That in Hindi.

Scare Factor: None. Still a Nice Monster.