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1st Logo


Nickname: "Clouds" "Torchy Lady Wendy" "Pegasus Cat" "Angel Kenny" "Box of Pictures"

Logo: Same to,Columbia Tri-Star Home Video Logo and Text That Reads "Columbia Purr-Star" " on a Top and "Home Video" is on Bottom and We See Picture of Wendy Torchy Lady on Deviantart and Angel Kenny with a Orange Cloud in Blue Sky Over a Connected to a Box Zooms Out in a Royal Blue Background and Stops Animating and Freeze Only So An Columbia Purr-Star and Home Video Now Complete With Top and Bottom With it When The Picture Was Done Now.

FX/SFX: Animation.

Music/Sounds: An Columbia Tri-Star Home Video Fanfare.

Availability: Seen on The Search for Daffy's Treasure Hunt,The New Adventures of Kenny McCormick,She-Wolf,The Very Very Angry Cat and More.

Editor’s Note: None.