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Backstory: Compagina Distribuzione Sky s.p.a was a film distribution company founded by Asari Studios in 1967 as "Sky Studios", but moved to Italy in 1978 and changed to Compagina Distribuzione Sky s.p.a 2 years later. The company went defunct in 2019 because of bankruptcy and returned as SKY Distribution Company. All of Compagina Distribuzione Sky s.p.a's library was soon returned to Asari Studios on September 24, 2019.


You can see the logo here:

Logo: We see a picture of Sky. Then the word, Sky, slides in. Then the word, Studios, comes up letter by letter. Then, it stays there for 7 seconds, before fading out.

Variant: On "Sky's Big Adventure", the music is changed.

FX/SFX: Sky, and the words.

Music/Sounds: The Macmillan Films logo.

Availability: Extremely Rare. Go to America and find a tape with the Sky Studios logo.

Compagina Distribuzione Sky s.p.a[]

2nd Logo


Logo: Same as the Compagnia Distribuzione Europea S. P. A. logo from 1983, but Europe is replaced with America, and the letters, CDE, are changed to SKY. The Compagnia Distribuzione part is located above the letters. Meanwhile, the letters, S. P. A., are under the letter Y.

Variant: On some films, such as "Sky's Big Adventure 2: The Second Movie" and a documentary called "Why Me And Boyfriend Are Not Related To Each Other", the tint is blue.

FX/SFX: America, the letters, and the words (and the blue Background).

Music/Sounds: Just like the Compagina Distribuzione Europa s.p.a logo.

Availability: Was last seen on "Why Me And Boyfriend Are Not Related To Each Other".

And yes, these characters are from Friday Night Funkin'. Credit to bbpanzu and ninjamuffin_99 for Boyfriend and Sky.