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Note: This is the updated version, As the old version was uneditable, the first 3 logos were redone from scratch.

Background: ConnorWorks Entertainment is an American animation company. Founded in January 12th 1921 as "The ConnorWorks FilmGroup" It's first cartoon character Saoirse was created but they never used a logo until 1940 Instead using a In-credit logo featuring Saoirse(Mascot of the Company) waving at the audience. Today, it's a subsidiary of ZeroStar Entertainment Inc. Its main headquarters and studio are both located in New York City with offices located in Toronto, Tokyo, and London. 

1st logo (1921-1940, 1999)[]

Nicknames: "Saoirse" "Inkwell Saoirse"

Logo: On a black background, we see an in-credit version of Saoirse Waving at us, as seen on ConnorWorks films from 1928-Present and shows from the late 1950s. "ConnorWorks", "The ConnorWorks FilmGroup", or "A ConnorWorks PRODUCTION" is seen below, sometimes with copyright info below.

Trivia: TBA


  • Color Versions Exist, depending on the film's color tone
  • When Technicolor was around, it was redrawn, Saoirse is now in full color and redrawn.
  • in 1999, the logo was brought back for the ConnorWorks Classics label, the background is now white instead, Saoirse is now fully colorized and redrawn digitally.

FX/SFX: None. The animation of the letters and Saoirse for the animated variant

Music/Sounds: Originally silent until 1922 when ConnorWorks introduced it's own sound system with Western Electric, it had a ghostly sounding theme.

Music/Sounds Variants: TBA

Availability :TBA

Editors Note: TBA

2nd Logo (1940-1957)[]

Nicknames: "Early Angelic Saoirse" "Animated Saoirse" "Saoirse in Color" "Selkie Saoirse" "Saoirse From Heaven" "Saoirse In Space" "The logo that predicted Song of the Sea"

Logo: TBA


  • A Black And White version exists

FX/SFX: The Animation of Saoirse, decent CEL animation that was aged in the 40s

Music/Sounds: A majestic and dreamy fanfare all performed with a Orchestra with a Novachord synthesizer. It was remastered in 2003 as part of the ConnorWorks Classics Collection line

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, the opening theme/closing theme would play over instead
  • Rarely enough it would use a different fanfare, Consisting of some dreamy vibes (or early electronic sounds) and percussion as the stars twinkle, When Saoirse appears, a playful trumpet tune plays, with its four final notes sounding as the "ConnorWorks" wordmark appear. Three dreamy notes accompany the appearance of "Presents". A single piano note finishes the tune.
  • On the film “KnuckleHeads”, the music is being replaced with a bunch of cavemen making grunts and oofs

Availability :TBA

Editors Note: TBA

3rd Logo (1957-1983, 1991-2017, 2021)[]

Nicknames: "Scanimated Saoirse" , "Saoirse In Space II" , "Saoirse From Heaven II" , "Saoirse III" "Angelic Saoirse II" , "Selkie Saoirse II" "The logo that predicted Song of the Sea II" "The Ancestor of TV Verdes Mares"

Logo: TBA


  • A Black and White Version Exits.
  • Videotaped versions have “ConnorWorks” and “E N T E R T A I N M E N T I N C” spaced a bit and would form by warping itself instead of being formed by flash and the animation is more crisp and smooth. This was used from 1971-1983.
  • Starting in 2002, the logo is now recreated with CGI and Saoirse is now reanimated with digital ink and paint, the ZeroStar byline also appears after being formed. This was used for their 90th anniversary in 2002.
  • As an Opening Logo, "Presents" in a script font Fades in.
  • A Longer version exists.
  • On Season 1 of "Loose Doctors", Saoirse is Dressed Like a Nurse. On the Season 1 Finale, The logo plays backwards
  • Sometimes, The Logo is animated and superimposed over the ending credits
  • There is a special animated variant on the 1975 animated "Milly, Molly" TV series. A piece of blue string pops up, and morphs into "ConnorWorks" and "E N T E R T A I N M E N T I N C" appears one by one while it shines. Saoirse flies In and winks at Us after the logo is formed.
  • On the 2015 Film "Pac-Man 256"(Not To be confused with the 2015 IOS Game). The logo flickers and lags like a video chat service with a bad connection and the music becomes distorted. Plus. Saoirse becomes Distorted and Confused and turns into a kill screen from Pac-Man. The other Logos (Namco Bandai Games, Cartoon Saloon, and GKids) Were also Customized for the Film. 
  • On some films such as "Absolute Waste of Time: A Milly, Molly Movie" After the logo is formed, suddenly the text takes a hard drop, notably startling Saoirse. "Sorry!" is heard from Amy offscreen, followed by Saoirse whispering "Hmmm. Sheesh.
  • On the 1996 short "Amy Zeroretta in: Mouse in my House!" The logo gets attacked by a bunch of mice as Saoirse flees in shock after the logo is formed.
  • On the 2000 animated film adaption of "The Adventures of Captain Underpants". Captain Underpants flies throughout the logo during the animation of Saoirse. But then he accidently crashes onto the "ConnorWorks" text, notably startling Saoirse and then he falls off, Saoirse then shrugs at the end. Saoirse is also reanimated using digital Ink and paint.
  • On it's early days when the logo debuted, it would sometimes use "P R O D U C T I O N S I N C" instead of "E N T E R T A I N M E N T I N C"


  • The Logo made a comeback appearance at the start and the end of the current prints of the 2014 film "Song Of the Sea" Plastering the GKIDS Logo. Due to the reason that the Saoirse character in the logo became the basis for the film.
  • The Saoirse animation was done with CEL animation produced at Toei Doga Co. Ltd in Japan

FX/SFX: 50s Early computer graphics combined with CEL animation. The videotaped version was done using Scanimate graphics by Dolphin Productions Inc in New York. 

Music/Sounds: It Depends on the variant

  • Regular: A calm and somber string and bell tune followed by a synth fanfare performed on a Ondes Martenot. The sound of wind blowing is heard throughout. This was composed and arranged by Barry Gray along with Jerry Goldsmith
  • Music Variant #2: Starting in 1981, A beautiful orchestral fanfare would be used, composed by John Barry; originally used as the theme for Raise the Titanic. This somehow fits perfectly.
  • Long version and 2002 version: A gradually rising new wave theme, with a bassline similar to Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax". This musical variant was composed by Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangellis in 1975 for the CWVC "Vector Saoirse" logo
  • Music Variant #3: It begins with three synth horn notes, then a few synth bells, a seven-note synth horn fanfare, four more synth bells, three more synth horn notes, and some more synth bells as the music fades out. All of them were made on a Yamaha DX-7 and CS-80. This version was used in the 90s
  • Sometimes The Opening/Closing Theme of the show or movie plays over instead
  • Sometimes, after the music finishes, a deep male voice-over with a echo/stutter-like effect then says the company name at the end.
  • In the warped variation of the logo, the music changes pitch throughout the logo.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On “Pure Dreams”, the opening theme of the movie plays while Jason Arbon(Voiced by Frank Welker) Narrate over the logo:
    • Jason: "Black. All important movies start with a black screen. And music; edgy, ambient space music that would make a parent or studio executive nervous. And logos, really long and dramatic logos.
    • Jason: ConnorWorks...or, no, CWorks, you might wanna know."
  • On the 1974 theatrical Short film “The Chicken Problem Starting Peg And Cat”, the music is even synthesized, This was composed by Japanese Moog composer “Isao Tomita” in the variant and the short film itself. This audio version would go on and replace the original music around 1976
  • On the original faith oriented version of the 70s “3 Palavrinhas” anime series(The company’s only faith-based project), the haunting synthesized Tron-like choir from the film was heard
  • On “The Knuckleheads Strike Back” the music is the style of a upbeat prehistoric type music accompanied with cavemen chanting. While Saoirse winks her eye, a sound of a pterodactyl screech can be heard.

Availability: Common.

Editors Note: The animation of Saoirse may get to some. But it's a cute logo. The Long Variant and the 2009 variant is less somber due to the synthwave music. The other variants are much ominous. But the 1981 version perfectly fits due to being more majestic. This can also affect those who weren't expecting the normal variant. The fact that it also starts sometimes at the end might worsen for unsuspecting viewers. The Warped variant is much worse due to the logo's soundtrack changing pitch throughout the logo, which could surprise some who have never seen it or didn't expect it. But others may find it funny.

Neatherless, it's a Favorite of many.

4th logo (1972-1997, 2006)[]

Nicknames: "Saoirse IV" , "Neon Saoirse in Space" , "Dark Dreams" ,   "Saoirse In Space II" , "ConnorWorks goes Daft Punk" , "Neo Saoirse" , "Angelic Saoirse II" , "Darkness under the rolling waves of the Sea" , "70s Angelic Saoirse"  , "The 1970s equivalent of Vaporwave"

Logo: On a space background, we see a blue globe, with longitude and latitude lines, Then we zoom away as An blue laser shoots across twice, and then forms a neon green outlined Saoirse from the 2nd logo, which then flies around throughout, and then the background zooms in and turns black, and then we zoom in from the globe as Saoirse flies off-screen, leaving a trail.  Then shooting stars form eight sets of double dots, eight times, as a glowing neon blue outline of Saoirse from before, is being drawn by glowing balls of energy. The 3 Comets then hit the outline to collide itself, causing the neon Saoirse outline to become colorized with blue outlining, as the line goes through Saoirse downward. Then "Connorworks" trails in from the bottom center in it's usual 1957-2018 logo font, then a shooting star forms "ENTERTAINMENT INC". "ConnorWorks" changes its colors throughout.

Trivia: The logo was animated by Robert Abel and Associates with additional Scanimate graphics by Image West. The Neon Saoirse animation was animated using VideoCel computers. Alternative version was made by Dolphin Productions Inc In New York, with traditional animation produced at Colossal Pictures in San Francisco in 1978.


  • Sometimes, The globe would somewhat zoom in late as Saoirse flies off-screen
  • An Alternative version exists where the animation is completely different, Saoirse from the 2nd logo is used with animation and all, plus the animation is different as if follows. On a dark background, we see constellation roads top and bottom, with a little light in the center, including shooting stars. Suddenly seconds later, a lot of stars appear coming at us. After the stars disappear, Forming a rainbow colored foil tunnel. In which Distorts itself. The animation of Saoirse is different than the one from the 2nd logo. After the animation is done, the tunnel disappears in a flash and the rest of the logo forms as usual. Then she floats and looks at the audience and happily looks at the "ConnorWorks" wordmark before she floats down, then she looks at us again and giggles. The only difference is that the "ConnorWorks" wordmark is now white with a glowing rainbow aura. This variant would later replace the standard version starting in 1978
  • On Season 2 of "Loose Doctors", Again.. Saoirse is dressed like a Nurse, the logo is already formed in this version. On the final episode. A bunch of Crazy Doctors run throughout the logo in which startle Saoirse, then shrugs at the end. This variation is especially rare, as reruns of the finale on ConnorWorks Comedy Contains The 2010 Version Of This Logo After The Variant.
  • A Filmed Version Exists on the start of the 1999 special, "The Boy who cried Selkie" (The 4th Logo Appears at the end)
  • As a Opening logo, after Entertainment Appears, Presents Fades in below
  • For international distribution, "Distributed Worldwide By" appears in gold then zooms out when we get to the Neon Saoirse part.
  • As a closing variant, the logo is already formed with the ConnorWorks text changing colors, but then Saoirse takes a bow
  • On the 1975 animated series "The KnuckleHeads" after the logo is formed, instead of Saoirse taking a bow, she gets bonked in the head by a club(a weapon that cavemen use), causing her to fall offscreen with a crash.

FX/SFX: Early 70s CGI and Slit Scan and the 2-D computer animation of a Neon Saoirse combined with Scanimate.

Music/Sounds: A creepy lab-Like synth tune with sound effects that resemble a zapping noise when the shooting stars appear. Similar the 2nd logo.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The soundtrack might sound distorted on some prints. This happens because lab technicians print the soundtrack onto the film at a louder volume than usual.
  • Later around 1976, the music would later be rearranged and resynthesized to sound more mysterious, an ascending synth harp riff can be heard when we zoom away from the globe.
  • The Alternative variant used a Synthesized Disco-sounding theme. It was composed by French composer Jean Jacques Perrey.
    • However after a few years, the Synthesized Disco theme was abandoned and it was replaced with a soothing piano/string tune ending with a 3-note horn tune is used, in which fits perfectly.
    • But on rare cases, it would use the audio from the 1979-1999 ConnorWorks Home Entertainment logo fanfare

Availability: Uncommon, It first debuted on "ConnorWorks Fantastic Animation Parade 1972"

Editors Note: The bad Scanimation and the dark music may lure a lot of viewers. The music and the early 70s CGI aren't friendly either, Saoirse still looks cute however. the warped audio in deteriorated/damaged film prints might worsen for those who were expecting the normal version, It's tamer For the Alternative version due to a lot more friendlier Saoirse. The next logo however, is a different story

5th logo (1997-2005, 2003-2009)[]

Nicknames: "Saoirse IV" , "Modern Neon Saoirse" , "Modern Saoirse" , “Millennium Angelic Saoirse” , "Angelic Saoirse III" “Saoirse 2.0” , “CometShock” , "Lightshow"

Logo: TBA

Trivia: Their slogan up to 1997 was "The Animation Revolution Starts here!"


  • Starting in 2001, there is a 80th anniversary version
  • Sometimes, The URL “” can be seen below after the logo is formed
  • Starting in 2002, the byline "ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc is a registered trademark of ZeroStar Entertainment Inc" was added below
  • On 2003 reboot of "Loose Doctors", Again... Saoirse is dressed like a Nurse. On the pilot episode, Saoirse yells "Hold it Right there!" offscreen
  • On the "ZeroTown" Episode "The Wrath of the Nerds" After Zachary notices where Jack is, We cut to Jack sitting on the ConnorWorks Text (without Entertainment Inc And Saoirse) reading a Comic book, The credits run usual over Jack laughing during the Ending theme, You can hear his laugher too, After the Credits complete, E N T E R T A I N M E N T  I N C and Saoirse appear, Jack ends up laughing harder after the ending theme finishes.
  • A Black Background Version exists.
  • A Short Version Exists
  • On the Startup for the ConnorWorks C-Play(including the IMAX powered version). The logo plays in a smoother framerate, the visual quality is much cleaner in this variant
  • On Educational films such as the 2004 print of the 1973 educational film “Analog Animation and You!”, the text “E D U C A T I O N A L. M E D I A. G R O U P” is shown replacing “E N T E R T A I N M E N T. I N C”
  • A filmed variant exists

FX/SFX: Great CGI And CEL Graphics. Done by Imaginary Forces and Rhythm and Hues Studios

Music/Sounds: A Deep Synth Warble With laser sounds with the orchestral synthesized Rearrangement of the 1957-1983 logo theme, it sounds a lot majestic than before, added with an ominous choir followed by lab noises and a Breathy synth sounder(If you listen closely). On the Company's later years, it used a New soundtrack with synth elements and cymbals with the breathy sounder intact that was later used for the next logo

Music/Sounds Trivia: The Music in the logo was performed by the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra. Sound design by Macro D'Ambrosio at MarcoCo; Mixed by David Parker at The Saul Zaentz Film Center and in Surround EX by Gary A. Rizzo at Skywalker Sound.

Music/Sounds Variants: On Some Films Such as "The Doctor's On the Loose! The movie". A Breathy Synth Choir was added in the logo.

Availability: TBA

Editors Note: None

6th logo (2001-2004)[]

Nicknames: "Saoirse V" , "Angelic Saoirse IV" "Vector Saoirse Redux" , "Tron Saoirse 2001" , "Emotion's Sister"

Logo TBA

Trivia: The logo is basically a remake of the 1975 ConnorWorks Video Corporation "Vector Saoirse" logo with modern graphics.

Variants: Same As the 2nd Logo.

FX/SFX: Great CGI and the Traditional Animation Of Saoirse.

Music/Sounds: A Redone version of the rising new wave theme from the 3rd Logo, done in a more electro-disco style, with a vocoded Sega-like choir faintly singing "ConnorWorks!" twice as well.

Availability: Rare. It was first shown on the start of original version of “Mack's Slice of Life” short "Unlucky Day at Work", which is available on the show's DVD release from ConnorWorks Home Entertainment.

Editors Note: The Animation and the Music could raise a bit, But the Next logo Has a Different story.

7th Logo (2002-2003)[]

Nicknames: "Neo Saoirse II" , "The Collision of Radical Entertainment and Connorworks Entertainment" , "Saoirse VI" "Angelic Saoirse V"

Logo: A bright Blue flash occurs, lighting the entire screen, then zooms out and we see a Blue outline of Saoirse rotating around. The outline then becomes part of the logo, where Saoirse poses and its fully revealed, as the ConnorWorks Entertainment logo forms, leaving white sparks and shadows around. The logo slowly zooms in and "ENTERTAINMENT INC" fades in light underneath.

Variant: The Atomic Mario license has the logo tinted Red.

FX/SFX: Circle forming and letters appearing.

Music/Sounds: A specific "puff" sound when the flash occurs, followed with whizzing and the bang. The Atomic Mario license has Mario saying Lets A Go!" After the bang.

Availability: Extinct, this was a prototype for the 2005 logo

Editors Note: TBA

8th Logo (2003-2005)[]

Nicknames: "Saoirse VII", "Gyro"

Logo: A bright blue flash occurs, lighting the entire screen, swirls and forms a glowing blue outline of Saoirse from before. But this time She's Powered Up which blasts a Shockwave made of light and she rapidly zooms out. Immediately the ConnorWorks Entertainment logo returns.

Variants: TBA

FX/SFX: The gyroscope and Saoirse forming and whirling.

Music/Sounds: Various bumps and whooshes.

Availability: TBA

Editors Note: TBA

9th logo (2005-2013)[]

Nicknames: "Saoirse IX" "Dream big" "The Return of Saoirse In Space" "SpaceWatch Saoirse" "Lightshow 2.0" "CGI Saoirse II" "Angelic Saoirse 2005"

Logo: Once more we start with Saorise's face in space suit. Then two comets are shown, orange and red, swirling in the skies. The view changes to Saoirse's face, then to comets again, and back to face. Saoirse opens her eyes. Then the comets collide and create the ConnorWorks Entertainment Logo with the usual Angelic Saoirse from before, The byline "Part of the ZeroStar Family" appears below.

Trivia: The 2011 version was made to promote it's 90th anniversary


  • There's a Extended Version
  • Starting with "Mark and the Zoids" the logo is enhanced in HD
  • Sometimes, the logo is Bylineless.
  • on the 2006 short "Droned Out starring Dennis" Daniel from the short runs throughout the logo speaking very crazy.
  • A Still Version Exists at the end of of the 2005 DVD of "A Tough Time Ahead"
  • On "Izzy's Adventure: The Continuing Adventures" When the ConnorWorks Entertainment logo Appears, Saoirse Is Replaced by Lance(One of the antagonists in the show).
  • A short variant exists for TV shows and Specials such as the 2nd Season of “Invaders of the Brat-Galaxy”

FX/SFX: Awesome 3D and CEL animation Graphics. Animated by Rhythm and Hues Studios And Mainframe Entertainment. The HD Version Was Done By Reel FX Animation Studios

Music/Sounds: New soundtrack that appears to be a macho arrangement of the 3rd logo's music with synth elements and cymbals with a breathy sounder from the Previous logo

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • There is a rather humorous variant at the end of the 2005 DVD of "Bibi Blocksberg: Dawn of the WitchBots" with Bibi Blocksberg saying "I'd Like to get out now" 
  • Another Humorous variant is also used at the end of "Pixeline in Virtual Voyage" with Lillebror Saying "Hey! Where's my Computer mouse!?"

Availability: TBA

Editors Note: TBA

10th Logo (2010, unused)[]


ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc (1981-1999) 2010 Variant

Nicknames:" The Incredible Flashing Saoirse" , "Different Saoirse II"

Logo: We are in space with Earth and Mars, then a bright white flash where a swirl of Red/yellow streaks that collide and Flash into a purple tunnel in which it flashes colors, forming the entire logo, this time with Saoirse from the 4th and 8th logo as the tunnel flashes away into the black background

Variants :

  • A short version Exists

FX/SFX: Fantastic CGI!

Music/Sounds: A synthesized theme, that ranges from ominous to more electric at the end, accompanied by metallic noises which is then followed by the usual CWE sounder.

Availability: Extinct. This was only a prototype logo for the 2012 logo as it went unused.

Editors Note: TBA

11th logo (2012-2016)[]

Nicknames: "Saoirse In a Cube" , "Sphere" , "The Collision of THX, and ConnorWorks Entertainment" , "Angelic Saoirse Returns!" , "CGI Angelic Saoirse"

Logo:On a black background, we see either one of these:

Appearance Variants:

  • On normal displays, their slogan "Ignite The Power!" appears.
  • On 4K displays, their message "Digitaly Transformed Into 4K" fades in.

Then either object disappears by sliding to the right. The background becomes black-gray-green gradient. A black line with blue marks slides to the right of the screen and starts to gently shake. It becomes liquid and breaks up into small circles. We zoom through the liquid. Multiple grouped lines start swirling around in a circular motion, then forms into a 4-layered sphere, hence the nickname. A blue glow surrounds the sphere. It becomes liquid and opens up, revealing blue electric lines. It later explodes to fill the background with black, then zooms out in the form of the ConnorWorks Entertainment logo. It later fills up with color, making it look normal. Some of the blue lines remain in the text, then later disappear completely. Finally, either one of these appear below.

Appearance Variants:

  • Just the ZeroStar logo below
  • The "welcome to the other side" slogan.

FX/SFX: Just marvelous CGI animation all done by Magnetic Dreams and Mikros Image.

Music/Sounds: First, A dark choir is heard with more drum notes and synth notes Unlike the 2nd logo, then gets interrupted by whooshes, liquid sound effects, and a low synth note, followed by a choir. During the glow, A three-chord sounder with splashing sounds throughout and sparkling notes on the third chord, followed by another whoosh, and an explosion.

Music/Sounds Variant: Sometimes, the opening theme of the film sometimes plays over.

Availability: Common. May appear on Releases. Sometimes appears before or after the previous logos on reissues. First appeared on "Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo-Boxers” the tenth film in the Captain Underpants saga.

Editors Note: TBA

12th Logo (2013)[]

Nicknames: "Ripple", "Lyrick Studios Rip-Off", "Angelic Saoirse 2013"

Logo: On an open sea, we see a sailboat, we then pan up to the sky where we see Saoirse's finger touching the sky causing a ripple effect to appear, (a la the Lyrick Studios logo.) as the ripple effect fades, we see Saoirse, the text "ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc." fades in below Saoirse, the ZeroStar byline appears below.

Variants: The film's respective variant has Captain Underpants flying throughout the logo with its signature "Tra-La-Laaaaaaa!" Phrase Also, Mr Krupp's finger is in place of Saoirse's finger. Then the logo pans down to the start of the movie.

FX/SFX: Not bad animation although it clearly mimics the Lyrick Studios logo.

Music/Sounds: A deep synthesized score with a 7-note soft piano ditty playing over it.

Availability: Only seen on the animated film "Captain Underpants and the Tyrannical Retaliation of the Turbo Toilet 2000" the eleventh film in the Captain Underpants saga, the normal variant is seen at the end as well.

Editors Note: TBA

13th logo (April 1, 2016-2018)[]

Nicknames: "Different Saoirse" , "The Colorful World Of ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc" , "Where's Angelic Saoirse?" "What's inside?"

Logo: TBA

Trivia: TBA


  • In 2016, Connorworks was celebrating its 95th Anniversary, and the initial version of this logo was different from the one used afterwards. It began with clips of the 2nd, 4th, and 10th logos, and then segued into the then-current logo, as if it were a grand unveiling, or a passing of the torch. The end logo also had "95th ANNIVERSARY" on top of the logo, with "95" in the middle of "ANNIVERSARY", which is in spaced-out letters like the Entertainment Text, and written out in script with "th" flashing in next to "95".
  • A Still Closing variant exists
  • A Short version exists on shows
  • On The company’s website, the logo is already formed, if you hover your mouse to the logo, Saoirse can do other things such as doing a handstand.
  • On the special "Loose Doctors Strike Back!", like the previous variants, Saoirse is now dressed as a nurse once again.
  • Starting in 2017, the "ConnorWorks" wordmark was redone to it's current version,

FX/SFX: Incredible CGI and Flash Animation. This was done by Titmouse Inc. The website variant however was done in HTML5 with Flash animation made by CloudKid

Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: Uncommon, due to it's short lifespan. The logo made it's debut on the start of "Bibi Blocksberg and the Witch Wars". It can sometimes plaster the previous logos on reprints.

Editors Note: None

14th Logo (2018 - January 13, 2021)[]

Nicknames: "RotatoWorks" "Angelic Saoirse Returns Again" , "The New Colorful World Of ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc" "Lights Camera ConnorWorks!"

Logo: TBA


  • A Still Closing variant exists
  • A Short version exists for their shows such as the 4th season of “Doctor's on the Loose: Rebirth and Booted Up the Telly!”
  • On the blooper reel for "Pixeline: Adventures in Sun Island" the logo turns upside down and Saoirse falls off the screen, causing the logo itself to break into pieces with a loud Glass shattering noise accompanied with the audience laughing at the end. At the end of the Blooper Reel, we see the usual logo playing as usual, but the text explodes at the end as we now see the whole logo itself(Except for Saoirse) completely covered in smoke as we hear Saoirse(voiced by Alison Stoner) saying “Aw bummer! Who put TNT crates in these!?”
  • On the 2017 American English dub of Go Go Connie-Chan!, the logo plays in a smoother framerate.
  • On “Pixeline: Evolved”, the logo turns into a 80s Styled VHS Logo parody, as the background flickers into a purple starfield with a neon green running grid at the bottom, the trailer for the game has the normal variant instead
  • For international releases, “E N T E R T A I N M E N T. I N C” is replaced with “I N T E R N A T I O N A L”, the text “Distributed by” appears at the beginning before the logo animates, Saoirse doesn't giggle in the variant.
  • On the 2nd Season of “RWZX on the Loose!: The ZeroTown adventures of Ryan Hickman and the gang” starting with “Battle of the Bands/Winter on the move/Gone Fishing” the logo is now enhanced, the animation is smoother and the background has been changed to a swirly yellow/orange background similar to the Vin Di Bona Productions Logo.
  • On the 2021 revival of "Loose Doctors" , Saoirse Is now being dressed as a nurse once again.

Trivia: The logo itself was animated by Toon City Animation and the CGI graphics were done by Mikros Image in Montreal

FX/SFX: Incredible CGI and Hand Drawn CEL Animation. It seems to be a Major Improvement over the 12th logo.

Music/Sounds: TBA.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • Sometimes, The opening/closing theme plays over with the sounds.
  • For the Still variant, we hear just Saoirse(Voiced by Alyson Stoner)then replies “Hey! Why am I not moving!?”. There is no music in the variant.
  • On some episodes of “The Knuckleheads Reborn” the music is replaced by a snippet depending on the episode, the sounds can still be heard though.

Music/Sounds Trivia: TBA

Availability: Common, Although it will still continue as a Print logo despite the new logo being revealed.

Editors Note: TBA

15th logo (January 12th, 2021-)[]

Nicknames: "Angelic Saoirse 2021" "Angelic Saoirse Retraux" "Saoirse in a Box" "Saoirse in Space 2021" "Closeup Saoirse" "100 Years of ConnorWorks" "Centennial Saoirse" " ConnorWorks Theory"

Logo: TBA


  • A Still Closing variant exists.
  • A Short version exists on some shows.
  • January 12th, 2021 - January 20th, 2021: For the logo's debut and its first official year, A 100th anniversary version exists

FX/SFX: Absolutely wonderful and truly mind-blowing CGI and well animated 2D provided by the folks at Devastudios, who also did the 2011 Paramount Pictures logo and the 2021 Warner Bros Pictures logo. According to Devastudios themselves, The 2D Saoirse animation was made by Mercury Filmworks in Ottawa.

Music/Sounds: A more modernized and re-orchestrated version of the of the 1957-1983 logo theme, with synth aspects. This was composed by Billy Mallery.

Music/Sounds Variants: Sometimes, The opening/closing theme plays instead

Availability: Brand New, It debuted on "Paul's Edge"

Editors Note: A massive successor to the 13th logo,