BackGround:The Home Video Division of ConnorWorks Entertainment

1st Logo (1971-1983 2000-Present)

Nicknames:"Videotaped Saoirse from Heaven" "Cute Saoirse" "Saoirse The Angel"

Logo:Same as the 1951-1983 ConnorWorks Entertainment logo, But Home Video Or Home Entertainment Replaces Entertainment, Also it's Videotaped.


Variants:On Some Tapes, The logo is Still.

  • At the End of Some releases from the 1980's, We see the already formed logo with the space background moving, But Saoirse Leaves instead of the Background turning white Then the text fades away to make room for the Copyright info. This also plasters the 1980-1988 BBC Video logo at the end of ConnorWorks prints of BBC Shows. This Sometimes Appears At the Start of tapes. Early Tapes Have the Normal variant instead but with the Copyright info.
  • On DVD Or Blu-Ray releases, The DVD Logo Or the Blu-Ray Disc Logo Appears Below
  • On the Start of ConnorWorks Entertainment Prints of BBC Video Releases, The Logo plays as usual, But "Distributed by" Appears above ConnorWorks,
  • Some Tapes have the text "Distributed by" in white bold Arial Black font on a black background before the logo animates. This is regularly seen at the beginning and end of the tapes.
  • On the 2003 release of "The Best of Animaniacs Volume 2". After the Logo is formed, Yakko Appears and Bites on the half of the ConnorWorks Text. Saoirse Is not amused.

FX/SFX:Same as The Connorworks Entertainment logo From 1951-1983

Music/Sounds:Same as the ConnorWorks Entertainment logo From 1951-1983 or None

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On some UK releases, an announcer says "A world of magic which can be yours to treasure for a lifetime, from ConnorWorks Home Video."
  • For the Closing variant, The last half of the opening logo's music, But when Saoirse leaves, The music then gets distorted and winds down ending with a zap. But when the Copyright disclaimer appears, A faint humming noise is heard until it fades.
  • Some "ConnorWorks Showcase" VHS Releases use an uplifting piano/orchestra fanfare and a brief bassoon piece when it's complete.


Scare Factor: None to Low.

2nd Logo


ConnorWorks Home Entertainment Logo

Nicknames: "ConnorWorks of Boredom",

Logo: On the light blue background, we see the ConnorWorks Home Entertainment Colored Print logo From before

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The upbeat synth-rock score. In which its the Theme to "The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai"

Music/Sounds Variant: In early releases, the logo is silent.

Availability: Ultra rare.

Scare Factor: None. The logo is surprising when you first see it. The logo is tamer than the next logo.

3rd Logo (1983-1999 2008-Present)

Nicknames: "Neon Saoirse" "Nelvana's distant cousin"

Logo: On a Stone-like background, Saoirse, wearing her Nightingale costume, is lifted up into the air by glowing balls of energy. One of them nearly hits the screen, turning the whole entire thing into a rectangle. One of the sparks from inside the glowing balls of energy pops out and forms the rainbow line which stops the scene inside the rectangle and turns the silhouette version of her into the real one. As it returns, Sparks from inside of the spark form “ConnorWorks H O M E V I D E O”.

Variants:A Still Version Exists

  • At the End Of Tapes, It's the same as the opening, but the Whole Logo dissapears in a shadow effect Leaving a Copyright Notice screen from before fading in on a black background, then fades out to the FBI Warning Screen. Sometimes, It doesn't fade to the Warning Screen
  • There's a Rare Filmed version Despending on the tape
  • A Warp-Speed version exists on English Dubbed Turma Da Monica Tapes (with the Exception of Original 1996 tape of Monica's Gang "Page To Page", Which has the Normal Version Instead, But the 2000 Reissue Has this variant! However it makes a surprise appearance on the 2004 UK DVD Of Chuck Billy, Watch Out for the Jaguar!)
  • Some Tapes have the text "Distributed by" in white bold Arial Black font before the logo animates. This is regularly seen at the beginning and end of the tapes.

FX/SFX:Same as its original Counterpart

Music/Sounds:Same as the 1981-1999 ConnorWorks Entertainment logo Or None

Music/Sounds Variant:The still version is also silent

  • For the Closing Variant, Same as the opening, But it turns into a lab-like tune with zaps and pulses after the logo is formed, when the logo disappears, A Whirring noise is heard until we get to the copyright notice screen.
  • The warp Speed variant has a Loud Explosion noise when Saoirse is formed from a rainbow line


Scare Factor:Medium To High. The Bad Scanimation and the Outline of Saoirse May Cause a Lot of jumps. High To Nightmare For The Warped variant. Because the Fast Speed and The music Make this logo Even Scarier. The Closing Variant could raise the Scare Factor even more. Low For the other Variants.

4th logo (1999-2005 2011-Present)

Nicknames:"The New and Improved Neon Saoirse"

Logo:Same As Its 1999-2001 Counterpart, but with “Home Entertainment” Instead of “Entertainment Inc”


  • Some Tapes Have a Still Version
  • On Some Tapes, It's the Same as the opening But with a Copyright Notice Below Fading in below After the logo Is formed. This sometimes appear at the End of tapes.
  • At the End of tapes, Again It's the same as the Opening, but the glowing outlines Are drawing away Making the logo starting to Dissapear, Leaving a Copyright Notice from before on a black background, then fades out to the FBI Warning Screen
  • On The 2003 Print of English Dubbed version of The New Adventures of Monica And Friends, There is a Warp Speed version,
  • A Rare Filmed Variant Exists
  • Starting in 2007 with the Blu-Ray release of "Passe-Partout: The Animated Series" Volume 1, The logo is given a High Definition look.

FX/SFX:Same as its 1999-2001 Counterpart

Music/Sounds:Same as its 1999-2001 Counterpart

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The Still Version is Silent
  • For the Closing variant, same as the original, but with a Deep Hum Ending with a reversed THX like Cresendo along with Electricity noises At the end
  • On tapes from the UK, the logo was often used as a bumper with one of the following said by a voiceover (John Sachs):
  • Also available from ConnorWorks Home Video.
  • Coming soon from ConnorWorks Home Video.
  • Available now on ConnorWorks Home Video.
  • Watch out for future releases from ConnorWorks!
  • Watch out for future releases coming soon from ConnorWorks Home Video.


Scare Factor:None. This is A Major Improvement over the 2nd logo. But the Closing Variant could raise the Scare factor a bit since it might remind you of the BBC Video closing variant from 1980-1988, Though the scare factor rises again on the next logo....

5th logo (2005-Present)

Nicknames: "And You thought that the IMAX Tunnel Wasn't Enough" "The Tunnel From Hell", "Slit-ScanWorks Home Entertainment", "I'm Confused, Isn't That IMAX's Logo?" "That Strange logo at the Start and End of their releases" "Saoirse's Tunnel" “2005, A ConnorWorks Odyssey”

Logo: The same as the IMAX "Wormhole",but the flash which replaces the tunnel with an extreme close-up of a blue outline of the ConnorWorks Home Entertainment logo from before, which zooms away from us with a light trail. When the ConnorWorks Home Entertainment logo is at a comfortable distance, the light trail disappears into the logo, which turns into a full colored version. It stays still for a couple of seconds and then zooms in to the top of the screen as the same style as said effect.


  • An More-Common Extended Variant Exists
  • A Rare variant, found on the 2005 VHS release of the BBC version of “The Secret Garden” in which the logo quickly accelerates at the point where the tunnel gets intense and quickly decelerates back to the normal speed when the logo forms from a light trail, possibly due to an editing/compression error.

FX/SFX: Same as the IMAX logo. This is clocking at 1 minute 5 second, one second more longer than IMAX's.

Cheesy Factor: TBA

Music/Sounds: Slightly different than the IMAX and the Graphic Films Corporation logo, in a way that the sounds are extra deeper and more emphasized. The "Deep Note"-esque noise at the end is also slightly different.

Availability: Current, Appeared on newer VHS(ended in 2006 until 2010 when they rerelease them under the ConnorWorks FlashBack brand, in which this logo was featured before the previous logos play after that), Blu-Ray Disc, and DVD releases when they are originally presented in IMAX, Strangely, it was shown on the 2017 DVD of "3 Palavrinhas Volumes 1, 2, and 3" despite those not being IMAX Releases. Oddly, when the 2017 logo debuted, the logo was still used as a home video logo on early 2017 releases.

Scare Factor: Despending on the Variant.

  • Main Variant: High, for the same reasons the IMAX logo has, but the weird scheme of the logo and sudden zoom in to the bottom of the screen would definitely raise the scare factor, especially when watched in releases. The music, always, can be raised again for some, even if you aren't expecting it. It's medium for those who used to it.
  • Extended Variant: Nightmare. The more intense tunnel and the very confusing THX-Like noises could make this variant extremely scarier.
  • Warped variant: Medium to High. The sudden fast speed of this logo can get to some, but some might find it funny.
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