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Background: ConnorWorks Ponkickies Channel is ConnorWorks Network's Sister channel Launched on December 1st, 1999. It is an American counterpart of Fuji TV's Ponkickies(AKA P-kies), unlike the original japanese mascots of Ponkickies, Connie-Chan was used for their main mascot of the channel.

1st Logo (1999-2003)


  • Original Variant: "Strange Ponkickies", "Literally Out of the Box", “Ponkickies Boxes”, “GreenKickies”, “SeizureKickies”
  • Long Variant: “The not so scary face”, “Klasky Csupo’s Tamer Brother”, “The Weird Face”, “GachaMukku The Hideously Mutated Face”, “Disjointed Facial Features: Ponkickies Edition"

Logo: TBA


  • A version without “Original Production” and copyright notice exists when it was used as a station ID
  • From the logo's debut until late 2002, the word "CHANNEL" is shown under the “PONKICKIES" blocks.

FX/SFX: Dazzling animation of the letters forming in the logo, the copyright info fading in

Music/Sounds: A weird synth space tune with a robotic voice saying "Ponkickies" when the logo is formed

Music/Sounds Variant: TBA

Availability: Seen on Rayman: The Animated Series, Action Man (2000 TV Series), Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat, and the first season of Mucha Lucha!. The long version is seen on their TV movies.

Editor's Note: TBA

2nd Logo (2003-2006)

Nicknames: "Connie", “Ponkickies Boxes II”, “Power to the Ponkickies”



  • Starting in 2004, the logo is updated with CGI Graphics. The animation of Connie is now redone with smoother animation as it was done in Flash-esque animation


Music/Sounds: Three electronic xylophone notes, followed by two high synth notes followed by the same robotic voice from the 1st logo. A noise sounding like a TV tuner interference can also be heard in the background.

Availability: TBA

Editor's Note: TBA

3rd Logo (2006-2009)

Nicknames: "Seizure Ponkickies V2", "KWSU's Brother", "Where's Connie?", “Ponkickies Boxes III”, “SeizureKickies”, “LSDKickies”, “The P-Kies at Night Logo” “A Homage to the KWSU logo”

Logo: On a black background, blue static fills the screen while a pink set of outlines revolve around the middle. As the static shrinks to the middle, the text then revolves into the 1999-2017 Ponkickies Channel Logo, with "Original Production" fading in below in Heliotrope. A copyright byline appears below. The logo then briefly disappears before compressing into the background, with "Original Production" wiping away.

Variants: A variant with a different color scheme exists.

FX/SFX: The lines forming, the fading, and the dissolving.

Music/Sounds: A weird synthesized tune that sounds like an error in an arcade game or something from the 70s unlike the KWSU id from 1976 in which turns into a discordant voice that sounds like the SEGA Choir and the TeleMonteCarlo jingle from 1986 saying "Ponkickies" at the end.

Availability: TBA

Editor's Note: TBA

4th Logo (2009-2017)

Nicknames: "Connie II", "Computer-Distorted Ponkickies", “Invent Strange”, “Pon-Popo-Po-Ponkickies!”, “The last of the Ponkickies Boxes”



  • An early variant exists, where Connie is in her 1994-2009 design and “Original Production” is replaced with just “O R I G I N A L”

FX/SFX: Very impressive CGI combined with the hand-drawn animation of Connie.

Music/Sounds: An avant-garde-esque tune followed by a distorted bass sounder that ends with the distorted remix of the weird synthesized tune from before, The discordant voiceover from the 3rd logo is also heard at the end.

Availability: TBA

Editor's Note: TBA

5th Logo (2017-)

Nicknames: "Connie III", "Computer-Distorted Ponkickies II", "This is what you do!", "Ponkickies.EXE has stopped working", “GlitchKickies”, “Scanimate Ponkickies”, “New and Improved Connie”, “Abstract Ponkickies”, “Ponkickies Divided by Zero”

Logo: TBA

Trivia: The logo is animated and designed by yU+Co and David Seig using his last remaining Scanimate Machine. The 2-D Animation of Connie was animated by Mercury Filmworks in Ottawa using Toon Boom Harmony as it was part of the 2017 rebranding


  • Sometimes, The Copyright information does not appear
  • A version without “Original Production” and copyright byline exists when it was used as a station id
  • As an opening variant, the “Original Production” text is changed to “Originals” or “A ConnorWorks Ponkickies Original Series” the copyright info is removed in the variant.
  • On rare occasions, after the logo is formed, the “PONKiCKIES” letters get knocked down like dominoes, then Connie facepalms at the end instead of shouting her motto.
  • Starting in late 2018, a visual gag was added when Connie appears, resulting in some mishaps in this logo(for example: Connie accidentally knocks the P off the ground and the letters fall off the screen, Connie groans instead of saying her line). There are other versions:
  • Double Your Pleasure: Two Connies appear and say "Pon-PoPo-Po-We are double!"
  • Bi-Lingual Connie: Connie is wearing a (barely visible) hat and a mustache, when she appears, she says "¡Ole Ole Ole!".
  • Backwards Masking Connie: The logo is played in reverse, making Connie sounding like she's saying "Sick kick Knop-up-UpUp-Nup!".
  • Connie Blooper #1: Connie forgets her lines, and says "So what do you want me to say now?"
  • Connie Blooper #2: Connie forgets her lines again, and says "Pon-PoPo-Po.....line?"
  • Coffee Break Connie: Connie is missing. A man off-screen says softly, "Connie?".
  • Frances takes over: Frances the Big Toad is shown in place of Connie and says his motto, who was interrupted by Connie yelling “Hey! You took my spot!”.
  • Power Outage Connie: While Connie says her motto, the lights shorten and bust out, making the logo completely darkened like a power outage, Connie exclaims “Hey! Who turned out the lights?!”
  • Connie and the Ghost: While Connie says her line, the red “P” jarringly transforms into a ghost and wails. Connie then screams “GHOST!!!” and runs away offscreen
  • Computer Virus Connie: The logo is messed up like a software bug. Connie appears albeit distorted and laggy, then it hangs and turns into a parody of the BSOD.
  • On some shows, while Connie appears, she does the “Jaka-Jaka Janken” dance instead of shouting her line, but the voice can still be heard.
  • An early version exists, where the formation of the “PONKiCKIES” letters are different, Connie also comes in late, The “Original Production” text is absent in the variant,
  • For long version, While the letters form in its position, Connie then comes and shockingly stops. Then she takes a few steps back and realizes the "P” in "PONKiCKIES" is backwards, and giggles for a bit, and flips it around, causing it to spin briefly and making it in the correct way, Then the rest follows as usual.

FX/SFX: Same as before, but the animation of Connie is much smoother.

Music/Sounds: Same as Before, but the sounds are more stranger and The Voiceover is now distorted and warped up.

Music/Sounds Variant:

  • Later in 2018, we now hear Connie-Chan shouting her usual “Pon-PoPo-Po-Ponkickies!” line from its original Japanese counterpart instead of the discordant voiceover and the music is now even jumbled up. Connie is voiced by Haley Jenkins in the variant. Most of the time, her line was shortened to simply shout “Ponkickies!”.
  • On 2018 reruns of “Bobby’s World” and current prints of shows that were originally aired from FoxKids, if you listen closely, The audio from the FoxKids Worldwide “Rotating FK Tower” logo can faintly be heard due to plastering as Ponkickies edits out both the Saban International and the Fox Kids Worldwide logo and replaces them with the long version of the 2017 Saban Brands logo and the usual logo in favor of reruns.

Availability: Currently in use.

Editor's Note: TBA

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