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(1999- )

Logo: Over a black background, we see the corporate logo of Corus Entertainment, which is various decorative designs of "COrUs" (a pixelized "C", a spiral, a magnet "r", a paperclip "U" and a cookie cutter "S"), all above the text "ENTERTAINMENT".

Variant: There's an animated variant that shows the logo forming. like the Candys. inside a purple vortex.

FX/SFX: None, apart from the animated variant.

Music/Sounds: None, but a breathy synth theme on the animated variant.

Availability: Appears fullscreen on Slap Shot 3: The Junior League. Often seen in the closing credits of shows and movies with other logos.

Scare Factor: HIGHER. Why isn't it animated? Well, that question gets answered on the animated variant.