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Couto Misto Productions is the vanity card for Mexican-born American producer Estevez Gordon.


It shares his production with Mark Anthony and Spiegel Hackton.


It's company had a huge sucess when Future-Worm! aired.


Now the company works from Insanity United, Sock My Pants: The Game! and The Fila of Decision, and the english dub of Siniestro Mu y las Vacas Lobotomicas.



On a white-blue background, we see either

  • Siniestro Mu and Otto looking some cows discussing each other on a grass and mountain background
  • A beared man with white hair smiling with it's eyes closed on a cyan background
  • Three green alien circles discussing about the human destruction, one holding a gun, one with fork and knife and one raising it's hand
  • Or Buhdeuce jumping with angry face on it's background being it's rocketvan,

With the text "Couto Misto Productions" on Lucida Calligraphy on the bottom.

Trivia: The background is actually the flag of Couto Misto, which was an independent microstate on the border between Spain and Portugal. It was composed of the villages of Santiago de Rubiás, Rubiás (now in the Spanish municipality of Calvos de Randín), and Meaus (now in the Spanish municipality of Baltar), all located in the Salas Valley, Ourense, Galicia. The territory of the Couto Misto also included a small uninhabited strip now part of the Portuguese municipality of Montalegre.

FX/SFX: None.

Cheesy Factor: The logo itself is too kiddy for the company it has done.

Music/Sounds: Here you can see variants of sounds

  • Estevez saying: "Did you get the point on this castle with joys and OH NO-" with the sound of a building destroying the guy.
  • Kagamine Rin, on it's original voice saying "WATCH OUT FOR THAT TRUCK!" And then a truck sound.
  • Estevez saying "You're such an inbred." followed by shattering noises.
  • Some farting sounds making a melody.
  • Future-Worm saying "Are you ready?" Followed by moaning from him and then an explosion.

Availability: See background, also seen on Billy Dilley's Super Duper Subterranean Summer, Back into the Place, RWBY since Chapter 5, Wildjocks, Color on My Butt, and Glove Sandino.

Scare Factor: Minimal. It's a very funny but at the same dramatic logo.