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Background: Creative Wonders started out in 1994 as a division of Electronic Arts to develop and publish children's games. In 1995, half of Creative Wonders was purchased by ABC (but EA still owns the other half) to create the ABC World Reference Series, a series of encyclopedias and atlases, and Schoolhouse Rock games. In 1998, Creative Wonders was purchased by The Learning Company, and in 1999 it was completely dissolved. Creative Wonders revived as a real life rom company and as part of K'nex Games & Kellison Interactive to create some K'nex Super Mario real-life rom games (K'nex Super Mario: The Secret of Dry Bones, K'nex New Super Mario Bros. 2: The Secret of Reznor, K'nex Super Mario 3D Land: The Secret of The Stacked Goombas, etc.).

(1994-1999, 2013-)


: "Creative Wonders in the Sky"
File:Creative Wonders.jpg

Logo: On a sky background with clouds, we see the words "CREATIVE WONDERS" (with "CREATIVE" on top of "WONDERS") in a purple Times New Roman font (with the "R" in "WONDERS" modified). On top of the logo is a 2D purpleand yellow shooting star.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None, but for the K'nex Super Mario games variant, Mario says "Available from Creative Wonders", as a synth tune plays.

 Availability: Seen on K'nex Super Mario games, and some other games.

Scare Factor: None.