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1st Logo (September 11, 1984-December 2013)[]

Nicknames: "Wheels", "The Big Green K"

Logo: On a black background, which is the different colors of sparkles have:

  • A hot pink flash flies of the logo in this time.
  • A turquoise flash appears from the logo.
  • Some purple colored light flashes of charteuse lime, light blue, medium orchid, and blue violet.

when the background flashes into white, and because of this, there is the text "cricKetnaTiOn enTerTainmenT" appears letter by letter, expect the letter "O" has a wheel "☸" symbol, when the wheel spins. after it stops. Here, the wheel squiggles, similar to the characters in Squigglevision.

Trivia: The Namp Letters would have the same colors.

Later Variants:

  • The "nation"'s part are different color. also, There are 3 variants:
    • Beginning in late 2008, The "i" for "enTerTainmenT"'s dot is in maroon.
    • In 2010, "enTerTainmenT" is in a different font (named Nordique Pro), during the PL English football 2011, The “cricKet” text is green.
    • Starting in 2012, the letters "nation" are cyan, maroon, vermillion, hot pink, brown, and dodger blue.
  • A still variant exists.


Music/Sounds: A whoosh sound, A 10-note synthesized beep and the another whoosh sounds when the letters come out, a wheel buzzing sound when it spins.

Availability: Seen on some shows until January 2014.

2nd Logo (Janurary 2014-)[]