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1st Logo


Pashto logo

Logo: Same as the Thai Sad Dak Productions logo, but the thai text is replaced with pashto text and it reads "CRYING DAK PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS"

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The opening of the movie.

Availability: Rare, possibly seen on a movie called Stephen Hillenburg's Death, when Stephen Hillenburg didn't die until 2018, which the movie is used a joke. Stephen Hillenburg was also not even active untill 1984 however.

Editor's Note: Like the Thai Sad Dak logo, where did Dak go? Did the Scratch Team leaved him? Actually, he isn't here. It should be like this project.

2nd Logo


*Could someone add photos and videos out of this logo?*

Nicknames: "Stephen Hillenburg's Death Has Come..." "Poor Dak" "1st Place In The Crying Logos Award" "He Needs A Hug..." "Most Saddest Logo Ever" "Afghanistan's First Logo Death"

Logo: Over a night, we see the Stephen Hillenburg's grave with Spongebob on top of it. We see Wallety (from the user called DainGaming) crying over the grave, and he's saying WHY YOU HAD TO GO?? in English or Pashto. There is Dak crying over. Now the Pashto text comes over the grave, coming with a flash. and it zooms at the grass. with "Presents" in Pashto.

FX/SFX: Just the text.

Cheesy Factor: Stephen Hillenburg did not die in 1986. He died in 2019.

Music/Sounds: Sane as the Karyamas Vision logo.

Availability: TBA

Editor's Note: TBA