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Background: Cute Puppy Dog Games is a Video game Company created in 2012. It creates Horror/Shooting games for the PS3, X Box 360, and its incarnations.

1st logo


CPDG (2012-)

Warning: Due to the logo's graphic nature, videos of the logo can not be allowed on here.

Logo: On a dark background, we see a Puppy sitting down with its toung sticking out. It than barks three times, then out of nowhere, explodes with guts and blood flying out. One of the bones hit the screen which breaks it. It then fades to a Red title card with "Cute Puppy Dog Games" in Arial and in the color of black on it.

FX/SFX: CGI Animation

Music/Sounds: A girl saying "Hey, look at that Cute Puppy Dog", the dog barking, the sounds of the explosion with the girl screaming in a high pitch manner, and a dramatic piano theme for the title card.

Availability: Seen on their games from 2012 and onward.

Scare Factor: Nightmare, the subject matter will definitely scare some, and will upset animal lovers, but its intentional, due to the genre of the company games.