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Background: Cybrax Digital Arts is an animated film company founded by Tommy Allemn. In 2006, the company was changed to 20th Century Allemn. See 20th Century Allemn for more.


Nicknames: "Cybrax Structure", "20th Century Fox Ripoff", "20th Century Allemn Ripoff"

File:Cybrax Digital Arts Logo 1995.png

Logo: We see a top aerial view of the 20th Century Fox structure (a.k.a. The 20th Century Allemn Structure), redone in CGI. Colored in bage, But it reads "CYBRAX DIGITAL ARTS", The camera pans down and then over across the logo, revealing the starry and cloudy orange/navy blue sky background with some mountain sillhouettes in the distance, searchlights move before settling into its more customary position and angle, then the logo freezes.

FX/SFX: The Camera Panning over the tower, great CGI!

Music/Sounds: The 1994 Fox fanfare, some prints use the 1997 Fox fanfare.

Availability: First seen on "Allemn Gets A Job" released on January 1st, 1995. Also seen on animated films made by the company. The last animated film made by Cybrax Digital Arts was "Allemn Goes To Pizza Hut" released on May 16, 2006. Cybrax Digital Arts changed its name to 20th Century Allemn that year.

Scare Factor: None.