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 These are used on DVDs of DHX animated musicals by Kaboom! Entertainment.


Pirates! Autoplay "Stay Tuned After the Movie": Will Smith says "Be sure to stay tuned after this feature for a special preview. And now, Pirates, The Musical!" The animated background is Stowaway invading the ship.

Pirates! Feature Program/Presentation: On a tan background, we see "FEATURE PROGRAM" in a red cartoony font.

Music: Pirates All Are We

Voiceover: Will Smith saying "And now, from Kaboom Entertainment, our feature program/presentation, Pirates!"

Granny Awards Autoplay "Stay Tuned" promo: The same female announcer from the Disney Princess Feature Program ID says "After the movie, stay tuned for a behind-the scenes look at the animation and voices. And now, The Granny Awards!" The animated background is the 2 commercials: Jack and Jill Spring Water and Hickory Dickory Dock Clocks.

Granny Awards Feature Program: On a purple background with yellow stars, we see the yellow text "FEATURE PROGRAM" in a Medieval font.

Music/Sounds: The Granny Awards opening theme song along with the same female announcer from the Disney Princess Feature Progam ID saying "And now, our feature program." Some editions of the Granny Awards DVD don't have the music.

Phantom of the Music Room Stay Tuned: We see Deputy Barney and the kids do their "Surprise Encounter" scene as Jim Cummings says, "Be sure to stay tuned after our feature for an interview with Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy. And now, The Phantom of the Music Room!"

Phantom of the Music Room Feature Presentation: On a green background, we see the yellow text "And now, for our feature program" and hear Will Smith saying "And now, for our feature program, The Phantom of the Music Room."

Groove Squad 2 Special Preview: Kellie Pickler says "Be sure to stay tuned after the show for a special behind-the-scene interview with Chloe Gioia. Then, check out more DHX Showbiz on Screen musicals at your favourite store." The background is

Groove Squad 2 Feature Presentation: The same announcer from Sing Me a Story with Belle says "DHX Media is pleased to bring you our feature presentation, "Groove Squad."

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