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1st Logo


Nicknames: "Flying Disc", "Flying Disc of Doom"

Logo: On a space background, we see a DVD disc flying from the right of the screen. It lands at the center of the screen, creating a flash. Then, the words "DVD Entertainment" appear from the bottom center of the screen and stops at the center. The words are metallic.


  • On A Day for Me, the logo is in a letterbox format, and the background is on a blackish-blue space background. The logo is silent.
  • A reported variant of this logo where a byline appeared at the bottom of the screen.

FX/SFX: The DVD coming in from the right; the "DVD Entertainment" words moving up. All typical CGI effects.

Music/Sounds: A "WHOOSH" when the DVD comes in, sounding similar to the Hal Roach Studios logo "WHOOSH", then a synthesizer fanfare, sounding similar to video-game gun sounds, and a theme.

Availability: This logo is a placeholder logo, meaning that this logo is extremely hard to come across. Nearly all of DVD Entertainment's DVDs are out-of-print. This logo is surprisingly found on some VHS releases of the era, including A Day For Me (not the variant, as that only appears on the DVD), and The Star. Most of the titles that were released under this logo, have been re-released by other companies including MGM Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, and Warner Home Video. For instance, the re-release of A Day For Me had this logo replaced at the front with the Columbia TriStar Home Video logo from 1995. The rights to this film is now owned by Columbia Pictures. Don't expect this logo to appear on video releases since 2001. The film A Guy Who Was Just A Guy has this logo intact on the out-of-print DVD from 2000. Surprisingly, this appeared on a VHS of No Way, Not a Good Way, which the company is actually releasing DVDs. This also appeared on the 2005 DVD re-release of the original 1999 DVD of The Star. As for the variant with the letterbox format and the different-colored background, this logo only appears on the DVD (not the VHS) of A Day for Me. It is unknown if this variant of the logo has appeared elsewhere. For right now, the variant with the byline is a myth. It is unknown exactly if this has appeared.

Scare Factor: Depends on the variant:

Minimal to medium. The synth theme, as well as the somewhat loud "WHOOSH", may scare more than a few.

Low with the A Day for Me variant.

2nd Logo



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