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File:DCHE Diamond Collection Logo.jpg

The logo as seen here.

1st Logo (2000-present)


  • "Green Light Lasers"
  • "Laser Danny Guy and Dr. Dakota"
  • "The Lasers"

Logo: On a black background, a swipe effect making a green outline of Danny Guy and Dr. Dakota with the words "Danny City" In a paint font and "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" in a Arial Black font, and then, Light Purple and Purple Colors emerge from Danny Guy and Dr. Dakota, making the logo full color with "Diamond Collection" in a cyan font.

Variant: On WWE Classic videos, the logo is a bit slower.

SFX: The lasers making Danny Guy and Doctor Dakota, the colors from the characters and making it full color.


  • The standard version have the Rareware logo music, DKC2 version.
  • On VeggieTales videos, the logo is silent.
  • On early videos, a different tune than the Rareware logo music, DKC2 version.
  • Availability: From DCHE Diamond Collection DVDS, CED VideoDiscs, VHSes, Blu-rays & HD DVDs.

    Scare Factor: Low, the green laser may give you goosebumps.