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Background: BLB was a joint venture between animators Jenny Boragami, Dave Lyons, and Daniel Benson. It began as Boragami-Lyons Productions in the 1960s, and became known as Boragami-Lyons-Benson in 1978. In 1992, it launched the company subsidiary Dave Lyons Films. The division is closed in 1994. In 1994, after the division closed and renamed Dave Lyons Films.



Nickname: "BLB" Logo: In a stylised font on a white-to-black gradient background, the capital letters "B", "L", and "B" (in a stylized font and red-white gradient going from the top to bottom of the letters) and the word "inc" (the same font, lowercase letters, and approximately 1/3 the size of the BLB) next to it. Underneath the logo, in smaller white letters, is "Boragami ·Lyons· Benson".


  • A version of the logo appears at the end of SuperSpy Jr. and The Poisonous Crusader with its own music.
  • On The Poisonous Crusader, the logo was seen between "A" and "PRODUCTION".
  • On the 11 episodes of Arnold and the Groundhogs produced by BLB, the credit text reads as: "ANIMATION PRODUCED FOR KALASARIAN PRODUCTIONS BY: BORAGAMI LYONS BENSON INC. WITH Z-9 PRODUCTIONS" with the "BORAGAMI LYONS BENSON INC." text in a large font and everything else in a smaller font.

FX/SFX: None. Music/Sounds: For the aforementioned variation, a creepy synth tune that sounds like something out of a Richardson film. More often than not, it's seen at the end of shows with the end of the end theme overdubbing it. Availability: Can be seen on every series they produced, beginning with the 1987 Samurai Tiger Force series.

Scare Factor: Minimal for the normal version, the strange font can startle some. Medium for the version with music, as the jingle combined with the font can scare someone.

Boragami-Lyons Cardiff (1991-1994)

Nickname: "BL" Logo: On a blue and black shaded background, we have a solid red "BL" with a yellow line below it and "CARDIFF, LTD." in white all in shadow effects.

FX/SFX: None, it's a still logo.

Music/Sounds: None, just the end title theme playing from any show.

Availability: Appears on Samurai Tiger Force episodes produced at the BL Cardiff studio in Wales.

Scare Factor: None.

Dave Lyons Films (1992-2000)

Nickname: "The Scribble DL" Logo: On a dark red background, we see the 3D silver rectangle, with the 3D pink scribble "DL" turning on angle and turns up and the spotlight shines. "DAVE LYONS FILMS" fade in below and the red line from the right to left. The logo freezes.Variants: *Shows produced at Dave Lyons's Welsh studio in Cardiff where "CARDIFF" was over the line.

  • Another variant where the logo is a still shot and the logo in the box on a shaded gray background. "CARDIFF" was underneath the line.
  • In 1995, the text was not bold and the line sliding in and the words "CARDIFF" under the logo.

FX/SFX: CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: A triumphant synthesized score. Sometimes, the end theme finishes over it.

Availability: Appears on the final seasons of Samurai Tiger Force, along with The New Adventures of Ultra Racer, Willie the Little Airplane, and other post-1992 Dave Lyons productions.

Scare Factor: None.