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Background: Dead Barney Pictures (Italian: Foto di Barney Morto S.R.L) was an Italian film and production company and distributor made for horror. Its headquarters are in Rome, Italy. Founded in 1997, it was formerly known as "Barney the Purple Dinosaur Productions". The history of the company might be a long story.

Barney the Purple Dinosaur Productions

Background: When the company was founded, its former headquarters are in Allen, Texas, USA. The company within the former name is well known for making eight great seasons of Barney’s (Dumb) World. They purchase Lyrick Pictures for the rights of Barney and is distributed by HiT Entertainment (especially worldwide), and later distributed by 9Story Media Group due to HiT renaming as Mattel Creations. Barney the Purple Dinosaur Productions even made two movies called Barney’s (Dumb) World: The (LAMEST) Movie (Ever) and Barney’s (Dumb) World: The (LAMEST) Movie (Ever) 2: The Attack of The Barney Errors.

In September 2, 2012, Night Tech made a 45% deal to BtPDP to sell the rights until in 2019. Starting in 2017, they purchase Vyond Television so they could make shows animated in GoAnimate starting with The Tow Mater Show (with Howie Mandel, best known for Deal or No Deal and Bobby’s World).

1st Logo


Nicknames: “Barney I”, “Barney the Stupid Dinosaur I”, “Windows 95 Barney”

Logo: On a yellow background, we see a head of Barney; but drawn in cartoon version. “Barney the Purple Dinosaur” shown in a white, childish font is on top of Barney, with a purple border on the text. “Productions” in a black, Times New Roman font is under him.

Trivia: The content throughout the logo was a lookalike of the fanmade Barney Error virus on Windows 95 in 1997 (created by CECOfficial).

FX/SFX: None.

Cheesy Factor: The logo looks low-budget as if you’re using on a Windows 95 computer.

Music/Sounds: A 4-note cheap synth tune and Barney’s voice saying “Hello!”.

Availability: Extinct. First appeared in Timmy’s Wonderful Balloon Ride, then seen on season 1 of Barney’s (Dumb) World.

Scare Factor: None (even though you hate to see a Barney Error).

2nd Logo


Nicknames: “Barney II”, “Barney the Stupid Dinosaur II”, “The Gree City Home Entertainment Rip-Off!”, “Disgusting Barney I”, “Bad Barney I”, “Ugly Barney I”

Logo: On a green background, we see Barney holding a sign with the company name (in red) wiping to the left.

FX/SFX: The company name wiping.

Cheesy Factor: Barney is very stupid, the farts and burps are disgusting, and the whole logo is a rip-off of the 1978 Gree City Home Entertainment logo.

Music/Sounds: The 1978 Gree City Home Entertainment theme, with farts and burps (probably Barney).

Availability: Common, seen on season 2 of Barney’s (Dumb) World.

Scare Factor: Low. The farting and burping was disgusting, even though everyone hates Barney!

3rd Logo


Nicknames: “Barney III”, “Barney the Stupid Dinosaur III”, “Disgusting Barney II”, “Bad Barney II”, “Ugly Barney II”, “Barney Showing His Bum”

Logo: On a gray background, we see Barney showing his bum. The camera zooms to his bum and the words:



fades in. The text are also in white and in a black outline (similar to Funny Productions and others).

Variant: There’s a censored version, where there’s only the text instead of Barney showing his bum, and is also a freeze-frame.

FX/SFX: The camera zooming closer, the words fading in. None for the censored version.

Cheesy Factor: Barney is always stupid, and showing his bum is not appropriate for children. At least the censored version lacks him though.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the TV show.

Availability: Seen on season 3 of Barney’s (Dumb) World.

Scare Factor: Minimal, due to Barney showing his bum. None for the censored version.

4th Logo


Nicknames: “Barney IV”, “Barney the Stupid Dinosaur IV”, “Bad Barney III”, “Ugly Barney III”, “Barney Got Shot by Weapons”, “Barney Dies I”, “The Good Story About Barney Dying I”

Logo: We see Barney in a park, until the guns and snipers shot Barney (after one second). Then, the words (from the previous logo, but in green, and no outline) appear.

FX/SFX: The guns and snipers shooting Barney, the words appearing.

Cheesy Factor: He’s still stupid, but awesome when Barney getting shot. But that isn't compared to the next logo.

Music/Sounds: Some gunshot sounds.

Availability: Seen on season 4 of Barney’s (Dumb) World and the Barney’s (Dumb) World special “Barney’s (Dumb) Special: Barney Haters Edition!”.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. Barney haters will like this logo. But despite that, the shooting will scare or make Barney fans upset.

5th Logo

(2013)Nicknames: “Barney V”, “Barney the Stupid Dinosaur V”, “Bad Barney III”, “Ugly Barney III”, “Disgusting Barney III”, “Worst Logo Ever”, “Barney, B.J., Baby Bop and Riff”, “I HATE THIS LOGO!”, "Barney and Friends"

Logo: On a black background, we see the Barney logo (with the word “the Purple Dinosaur” that is the same font as “Barney” and under it) with Barney, B.J., Baby Bop and Riff. The HiT Entertainment byline is underneath.FX/SFX: None. Temporarily, it’s just slowly the fade in/out to black.

Cheesy Factor: OFF THE CHARTS! I can’t believe Barney is still here, and now his friends are in this logo! They’re so terrible that people and children will get angry!

Music/Sounds: The 20th Century Fox theme with farts.

Availability: Only seen on Barney’s (Dumb) World: The (LAMEST) Movie (Ever) and its trailer, which is used as a movie logo.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. You should not be watching this logo.

6th Logo


Nickname: “Thank God No Barney Here”

Logo: Just an in-credit saying the company name, not a logo with Barney.

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: None, although it looks like it was made using YouTube Video Editor.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Even extinct. Only seen on Selena Gomez: The Movie.

Scare Factor: None.

7th Logo


Nicknames: “Barney VI”, “Barney the Stupid Dinosaur VI”, “Bad Barney V”, “Ugly Barney V”, “STUPID BARNEY! I”, “The Barney Error Logo I”

Logo: TBA. The "A 9Story Media Group Company" byline is shown below.


  • A short version exists.
  • Here’s the rare variant: Barney turns into Evil Mode.

Music/Sounds Variants: On the rare variant, a 1962 Godzilla roar is added when Evil Barney roars.

Availability: Common today, seen on season 5-8 of Barney’s (Dumb) World, The Tow Mater Show, Jack Paul Simulator and You!, The Bite of 87: A True FNAF Story and so much more. The rare variant appeared on a Vyond Network airing of episode 16 of Jack Paul Simulator and You! following by the AstroblastFan5 Originals logo. However, it did made a 2020 film appearance of Barney’s (Dumb) World: The (LAMEST) Movie (Ever) 2: The Attack of The Barney Errors.

Editor's Note: The rare variant where Barney is evil is that scary.

8th Logo


Nicknames: “Barney VII”, “Barney the Stupid Dinosaur VII”, “Bad Barney VI”, “Ugly Barney VI”, “STUPID BARNEY! II”, “The Barney Error Logo II”, "Barney Error Meets Tow Mater Error", "Barney, Purple Louis, Howie Mandel, Andrew Silverman, Robbie Rotten and Tow Mater"

Logo: Same as before, but the text is in 3D and the byline is being renewed as "A 9Story/Vyond Company". Barney is with Purple Louis, Howie Mandel, Andrew Silverman, Robbie Rotten (from LazyTown) and Mater (from Cars).


  • Like the 7th logo, there is a short version.
  • On ComboPandaFan7 in Ducis Land, Barney leaves and Lumpy the Heffalump comes.

Music/Sounds: Same as the previous logo.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On The M&M's Animated Show, the music is from the CBS Television Distribution logo.
  • On the rare variant, a 1962 Godzilla roar is added when Evil Barney roars.

Availability: Seen on Barney’s (Dumb) World (seasons 8-11), The Tow Mater Show, Jack Paul Simulator and You!, Veggietales: Larryboy Returns, The M&M's Animated Show, and even more. In 2026, the logo was replaced with the 20th Century Fox Television logo due to the company's name change.

Final Note: On 2026, the company had moved from U.S.A to Italy, changed its name to “Dead Barney Pictures” and they start making Italian horror movies since they don’t produce these former-company-made shows.

Dead Barney Pictures (Italy)

Background: In 2026, the company had moved from Allen, Texas, USA to Rome, Italy, changed its name to “Dead Barney Pictures”, and started making Italian horror movies (since they don’t produce these former-company-made shows). The Tow Mater Show still continues though, but instead of being produced by BtPDP, it was produced by 20th Century Fox Animation. 9Story Media Group still distributes the shows from the former company.


Warning Warning: Due to blood and gory content, photos and videos will not be allowed on the site.

Nicknames: “Barney IV”, “Barney the Stupid Dinosaur IV”, “Dead Barney”, “Barney Dies II”, “The Good Story About Barney Dying II: Italian Edition”, "No More Barney", "The Italian Horror Logo"

Logo: On a spotlight, we see Barney getting hanged with his eyes closed. The screen suddenly zooms out and then "DEAD BARNEY" zooms out and "P I C T U R E S" fades in under it. The text font is yellow. The background then turns to a black-blue gradient. The text then shines.

FX/SFX: The zooming out, the background changing, the text shining.

Music/Sounds: The 1988 Carolco Pictures theme.

Availability: Seen on Italian horror movies, starting with Gli Orrori Del Ponte.

Editor's Note: The blood and gore on this logo was the main part of the scare factor, though the rest aren't that scary (e.g. the Carolco theme), but the logo can be upsetting to some. This can also make Producciones Muerto ALF a masterpiece.