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Background: Dead Bugs Bunny Pictures is a British film that is produced and/or distributed, the logo was created by the unnamed British company founder which follows with James Cauty who recognizes Warner Bros. Splatter. the company was founded in 1974 whichever the founder first saw the 1940 short film “Wild Hare” when sees Bugs Bunny’s death trick which it’s composed by Elmer Fudd, then he edited it before James Cauty and his son re-edited in 2008. the company produces and distributes horror films that is in British and/or International which it’s dubbed in English, the proper creation became more popular in late 1990s along with its home entertainment company. the unnamed British company founder also created the home entertainment company named Dead Bugs Bunny Video which it’s founded in 1980, which the first standard company focused on mainstreams for horror films.

1st logo


Warning Warning: Due to the logo’s extremely gore content. photos and videos of the logo will not able to be shown on site.

Nickname: “Dead Bugs Bunny” “Elmer Fudd sees Bugs Bunny dying” “The extreme horror film’s motion picture logo” “Wild Hare, but with horror”

Logo: We see the screenshot of the “Wild Hare” where Elmer Fudd sees Bugs Bunny dying, but with a lot of blood. the text “Dead Bugs Bunny Pictures” in dark red which in bold Times New Roman font, the logo probably lasts until it fades out.

Technique: Image fading.

Trivia: The scene is part of the 1940 short film “Wild Hare” which before James Cauty and Son created the exhibit called “WB Splatter”.

Music/Sound: Opening of the movie or same as previous home video company which it played throughout the logo.

Music/Sound variations:

  • On the UK airing version of 1999 Spanish horror film “Fire of the Skeleton”, the Producciones Muerto ALF’s music was heard due to the reverse plastering error.
  • On the English dubbed of the 2002 Spanish horror film named “Nightmare of the Monsters”, the logo was silent.

Availability: Seen on some horror movies that are British or international which dubbed in English.

Editor’s note: The logo is on extreme gore content which just like the home video counterpart.

2nd logo


Warning Warning: Due to the logo’s extreme gore content. Photos and videos of the logo will not able to be shown on site.

Nickname: “Dead Bugs Bunny II” “Daffy Duck kills Bugs Bunny” “Why would Daffy do this to Bugs?” “Daffy: A gun! Bugs: No!” “How embarrassing when Warner Bros. sees this?!”

Logo: Same as the 4th Dead Bugs Bunny Video logo, but “Video” is replaced with “Pictures”.


  • On “Zombies of Fire” which it is aired internationally, the logo has the red text even darker.

Technique: Same as the 4th Dead Bugs Bunny Video logo.

Music/Sound: Same as the 4th Dead Bugs Bunny Video logo

Availability: See the 1st logo.

Editor’s note: The last logo is extremely gore content which due to its high below. the logo is seem to be most likely in the UK for having its gore content.