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Background: Dead Bugs Bunny is a British home video distributor which it’s founded in 1980 which it was created renderly by the unnamed British home video founder who produces the American and international horror movies that it was dubbed in English. The unnamed British home video founder saw Bugs Bunny on TV when he finds out when Elmer Fudd tried to get him, he might as well catch him. As of that, he created the home video company about him. When he gets to make more work when the company has gotten to be popular in late 1990s, as of the following where they released some of the horror films on VHS and DVDs. When he saw J. Cauty and Son’s images where Daffy caught Bugs, he created another company in January of 2009. The logo is still going on which it appears to release the remastered versions of the international horror movies along with the American ones.

1st logo


Warning Warning: Due to the logo’s extreme gore content. Photos and videos will not be seen on site.

Nickname: “Dead Bugs Bunny” “How did Yosemite Sam did it to him?” “David Whitaker Bugs Bunny” “the first scary home video company that I ever seen” “R.I.P. Bugs Bunny” “Mister Wabbit, say something!”

Logo: on a black background, we see a close up of the Bugs Bunny (from Looney Tunes) laying dead with pool of blood. there is blood all over Bugs’ forehead and face, along with arms and chest. the dark red text “Dead Bugs Bunny Video” in Bold Times New Roman font, the logo is still going in 28 seconds before it fades to black,

Technique: none. just logo fading in and out.

Music/Sound: a dramatic horror music plays throughout the logo. The music was called “Main Title” by David Whitaker from the 1972 horror film “Vampire Circus”.

Availability: rare. Seen on some international horror movies that are dubbed in English.

Editor’s note: the logo appears to be gore content which the first logo in the UK, whenever it makes Producciones Muerto ALF (Producciones Muerto Gato Tom) a certain masterpiece which it’s not founded until 1989.

2nd logo


Warning Warning: Due to the logo’s extremely violence and gore content. Photos and videos are not to be seen on site.

Nickname: “Elmer Fudd kills Bugs Bunny” “Elmer: Be very quiet! I’m huntin’ Wabbits” “Wabbit Season!” “Dead Bugs Bunny II” “lightning strike and kabooms” “worse than Castle Vision and Viacom V of Doom”

Logo: The logo takes place at night, we see Bugs Bunny walking in the dark forest as he sees something that he shouldn’t know of. then we see Elmer Fudd with his gun which he is getting ready to kill Bugs Bunny, the second shot of Bugs Bunny walking to the dark castle which he appears to be going in. then Elmer shoots Bugs Bunny, we see lightning strikes and explosions where it appears to be from the old cartoon. after that, we see Bugs Bunny laying dead with some blood on his body. the text ‘Dead Bugs Bunny Video” fades in, the logo is in few seconds. then it cuts to black screen with the text red text “presents.” as the logo fades out.

Technique: Lightning and explosion. Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd are all animated which created by the British animator who made a parody of the Warner Bros. cartoons.

Music/Sounds: The 1981 Palace Video plays when fitting throughout the logo.

Availability: Seen on the American and international horror movies which it’s released on VHS in the UK.

Editor’s note: even before Family Guy episode takes place, the logo is still on gore content. the creepy music and the logo that probably made it scarier than the first one.

3rd logo


Nickname: “Text in space” “Bugs Bunny in space” “finally, Bugs Bunny isn’t that dead at this time” “the home video logo in outer space”

Logo: on the space background, we see Bugs Bunny wearing an astronaut suit which he’s floating in space when it is attached to the spaceship. the text “Dead Bugs Bunny Video presents” in rather light blue when the logo keeps the scene for 35 seconds until it cuts to black.

Technique: none.

Music/Sound; none.

Music/Sound Variations: The 1980s Cinehollywood’s music plays throughout the logo, which it probably exists.

Availability: Ultra rare. seen on some international horror movies on VHS which it’s dubbed in English,

Editor’s note; none. the logo makes it way tamer than a gore content.

4th logo


Warning Warning: Due to the logo’s extreme gore content. Photos and videos will not be seen on this site.

Nickname: “Dead Bugs Bunny III” “Daffy Duck kills Bugs Bunny” “The very messed up 1990s home video logo in the UK” “before J. Cauty and son” “poor Bugs Bunny”

Logo; In the forest, we see Daffy Duck holding an ACME gun which he points at Bugs Bunny. then he shoots Bugs Bunny, causing his head to blown off which the blood bursts out. the text “DEAD BUGS BUNNY VIDEO” in red Bold Serif font. then the logo fades out to black when the logo even finishes.

Technique: All 2D animation.

Music/Sound: the gunshot sound followed by the dramatic creepy music that plays throughout the logo. the music was called “George” by Giuliano Sorgini from the 1974 old horror film “The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue”.

Availability; Common. Seen on some international and American horror films that is distributed on VHS and DVD in the UK.

Editor’s note: The creepy music and the logo is caused by some gore content in the logo. unlike the 1st logo, the company used to a scary logo as well.

5th Logo


Warning Warning: Due to the logo’s extremely gore content. Photos and videos will not be seen on this site.

Nickname: “Dead Bugs Bunny IV” “J Cauty and Son logo” “Producciones Muerto ALF’s long lost British cousin” “I knew this could be worst!” “Daffy Duck kills Bugs Bunny II” “that is terrible!”

Logo; We see Daffy Duck showing the headless Bugs Bunny with the blood pouring all over him as almost, the picture freezes as it zooms out to the top as the text “Dead Bugs Bunny Video” in red fades in. the logo lasts in about 19 seconds until it fades to black.

Technique; animation, zooming, and the text fading.

Trivia; J Cauty and Son started on the “WB Splatter” which it’s released in 2008, they made the gore content out of Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry.

Music/Sound; The 1982 Thorn EMI Video logo plays throughout the logo.

Availability; Seen on the international and American horror movies that are released on DVD and Blu-Ray in United Kingdom.

Editor’s note: The logo is extra creepy when there’s still on gore content, the logo makes more masterpiece and made more popular in late 1990s as it made Producciones Muerto ALF a rendered masterpiece as well.