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Background: Dead Crabs Films was a Thai film company formed in 1974 that creates horror movies. It only made 3 movies before going bankrupt in 1981.

Warning: Due to Blood and Gore, Photos and Videos of all the logo's cannot be allowed on this page.

1st logo


Nicknames: "Dead Mr Krabs Of Doom" "Plankton Finaly Gets Revenge"

Logo: On a black background with a pale/read floor, we see Plankton smiling with a bloody knife, as Mr Krab's head sits right next to him with X's in his eyes in a pool of blood. The camera then Zooms into Mr Krab's head as red text in Thai "Dead Crabs Films" appears.

FX/SFX: Just the zoom in

Music/Sounds: The 1981 Manish Films logo music.

Avalibility: Only seen on P̄hū̂ k̄hêā r̀wm thī̀ mị̀ dị̂ rạb cheiỵ

Scare Factor: High to nightmare. Plankton's creepy smile among with darkness, creepy text, and crabs being killed can scare many. The next two don't help matters!

2nd logo


Logo: We see a dead Mr krabs with his tongue sticking out in a pool of blood. There is blood on his shirt, and has X's for eyes. The same text from last time fades in while zooming up from the bottom.

FX/SFX: The text.

Music/Sounds: A 5-note thumpet fanfare (possibly stock as it's also heard on the Coliseum Film logo from the same country, but it's high pitch).

Availability: Only seen on Lūkchāy k̄hxng mnus̄ʹy̒ h̄māp̀ā

Scare Factor: Same as the 1st logo, but at least Plankton and the scary music is gone, however, the loud fanfare will unnerve many and won't help matters, but it gets worse in the next logo, so be repaired!

3rd Logo


Logo: We see Plankton from the 1st logo, but seems more angry, as for he has a bloodshot eye and has drool coming from his mouth as it zooms in to his eye. It then cuts to the same image of the dead Mr Krabs from the 2nd logo for a few seconds. Then it cuts to a black background as the same text from the 1st and 2nd logos appear 1 by one. The text then zooms in and zooms out repeatedly as it clones itself, making the text unreadable.

Fx/Sfx: Everything but the image of dead Mr Krabs

Music/Sounds: The sound of an Xylophone, a loud scream of a woman, and the same music from the 2nd logo, but more higher pitched.

Availability: Only seen on B̂ān leụ̄xd.

Scare Factor: Nightmare. The atmosphere is darker then the previous logo, as well as the music still being used from the previous logo still being used now being higher pitched! Not to mention the jumpscare at the beganing! This is more scarier then the previous two!