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1st Logo (July 2015-May 2017)

Warning Warning: Due to the logo's violence and graphic gore, please do not post captures and videos of this logo on this site here. As variant, please don't put photos and videos on here. THIS CAPTURES AND VIDEOS WILL BE NOT SEEN ON THIS HERE. This Music is Loud on Pits of Horrors Variant Please Turn Down Volume Before Watching.

Nicknames: "Oh C**p!!" "Poor Denzel!!" "Dead Mouse Productions' Even Scarier Cousin" "R.I.P Denzel Dugglemonster" "Henry: I Hope Denzel Doesn't Die" "Oh S**t!! What Happened" "How Poor Denzel Fell off" "Oh my god!" "Rilan Movie Arts' Scarier Brother" "Poor Thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Logo: On RoarsVille We See Henry Looking at Denzel Dead, The Company Name Says “P.T. DEAD DENZEL PRODUCTIONS” Appears.

FX/SFX: None. Expect Logo Fading in and Out.


  • Pits of Horrors: Only The Name of Company is on a Black After Image Fades Out.
  • The Death of MacGyver's Parents: On a Blue Background The Text "DEAD DENZEL PRODUCTIONS" in Arial Font.
  • Spanish Version of Pits of Horrors: It Has Spanish Text Right Here Before Cut to Producciones Muerto ALF (Spain).

Music/Sound: The 1960 The Filmgroup logo fanfare.

Music/Sound Variant:

  • None.
  • The Music From Xiaoxiang Film Studio from 1992 Only Louder.
  • The Music is Silent.

Availability: Seen on horror, thiller and suspense movies produced by the company.

Editor‘s Note: The image of Henry looking at Denzel dead while crying and the stolen music should scare you. None for The Death of MacGyver's Parents This Much Tamer than Unsuitable Logo.

2nd Logo


Warning Warning: Due to Logo's Violence and Graphic Gore. The Photos and Videos Will Not Allowed on Site.

Nicknames: "Oh my God II" "The Field on Denzel" "Dead Denzel in a Grass" "Oh C**p II" "R.I.P Denzel Dugglemonster II" "Dead Cat Productions' Indonesian Cousin" "Uh Oh!!" "Gertie: Oh No!" "Henry: What The Heck is That!!!'

Logo: We See The Bright Picture of Denzel Dugglemonster Standing and Alive in a Field Against the Sky So The 13 Seconds Cut to Dead Denzel in a Grass with Pool of Blood and Bleeding on his Cheeks which The Text is on Bottom of It "P.T. DEAD DENZEL PRODUCTIONS" in Red on Bottom of the Center.

FX/SFX: The Cuts

Music/Sound: An Music from Araba Films Follow by Birds Chirping and Door Slam and Music Ends The Starry Night Productions Theme Plays without Laughing.

Availability: Brand New. Seen on Horror, Suspense, Thriller and Crime Movies Produced in Company.

Editor‘s Note: None.