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Background: Dead Jerry Mouse Pictures is a German film production founded in 1979, the company was founded by the German producer and founder who creates horror movies after starting off with Texas Pictures. the company stated that it became popular in 1984, which it makes worth of euros by making some of those horror movies that escalated quickly. In November 28, 2021, the company went dissolved and renamed as Sandy’s Tree-Dome Pictures due to the lack of euros (money) and across uses of the difference between the company and problems. the German producer founder created another company in 2021 where the company is about Sandy Cheeks and her tree dome that she lived here when she came from Texas, which it will still produce horror movies but it produces the new Action, Comedy, Thriller, Sci-fi, Adventure and Drama movies where he is creating.

1st logo


Warning Warning: Due to the logo’s extreme gore content. Please do not put photos from the 1st one and videos on site

Nicknames: “Dead Jerry Mouse” “Tom eats Jerry” “OMG!!! This is very terrible!” “What… the… Heck is that?!” “German’s most disgusting logo rewards” “Dead Bugs Bunny Pictures’s cousin” “R.I.P. Jerry Mouse”

Logo: on a tan background, we see Tom Cat seeing Jerry Mouse dead on his hand. there’s blood covering around his face and hand due to Jerry being eaten which it’s his body and his head. the words “Dead Jerry Mouse Pictures” in Hoefler font which the color is in red, and then the logo fades out with the words “PRÄSENTIERT!” in the same color as the company’s name.


  • The footage of the Capitol International but without the word “Capitol International” is in place of Tom Cat seeing dead Jerry Mouse.
  • On the German-Dutch film “Amsterdam Nightmares”, the logo was shortened, and was cut to Dead Pat and Mat Films when the logo appears for seven seconds.

FX/SFX: none, or just a certain animation which the same as the Italian company’s footage.

Music/Sound: The 1975 Capitol International fanfare, the fanfare was used by the 1976 Texas Pictures.

Availability: Common. seen on the German horror movies that are produced by Dead Jerry Mouse Pictures.

Editor’s note: The logo used to be a scary logo like the other logos, due to the graphic nature. however it upsets a lot of German fans of Tom and Jerry and the character Jerry Mouse, but the variant is way tamer than the original logo. but the variant of the German-Dutch film was more creepier than the original logo, due to graphic nature.

2nd logo

(2011-November 28, 2021)

Warning Warning: Due to the logo’s gore content. Photos and videos will not be seen on site.

Nicknames: “Dead Jerry Mouse II” “Tom kills Jerry” “UGH! Again!?” “Producciones Muerto ALF’s German neighbor” “German’s goriest awards” “Where Tom and Jerry episode ends…” “Mousetrap killed Jerry” “Dead Osodashi Pictures’ German brother”

Logo: The logo takes place at the house, we see Jerry Mouse being chased by Tom Cat. then we see the shot of the room where Tom puts the mousetrap in front of the mouse hole, then Jerry gets too excited when he saw the cheese that is on the top of the mouse trap. He runs as he gets the cheese out of it, then he eats it. Tom watches as Jerry is getting ready to get killed, then the mousetrap snapped Jerry’s body as he screams. Then he pukes blood which also poops blood and intestines that the shadow of the cat sees, We see Tom laughing at dead Jerry Mouse as he finally dies of blood loss. the words “Dead Jerry Mouse Pictures” in same font where it’s in red, then the logo fades out.


  • On some quite of few horror movies, Tom makes a poisoned milk by using the liquids: like acid, moth balls, etc. then he puts the bowl of milk on the floor, then we see Jerry checking on the bowl of milk. then he drinks it, and then he dies. but he’s doing the same thing as the original version as well as Tom sees before he dies of blood loss and poisoning. (which it’s the edited CGI version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse)

FX/SFX: CGI animation.

Music/Sound: The chase music along with the sounds by Hanna-Barbera sound library which it’s called “Rush Hour-Traffic Jam” by Jean Jacques Perrey, then the sounds of mouse trap and Jerry Mouse that he and mousetrap makes. then followed by Jerry screaming and puking, and then Tom’s evil laughing which follows the dramatic horror music.

Music/Sound Variations:

  • On some quite of few horror movies, the sounds from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse is in place of mousetrap.

Availability: Seen on the horror movies in Germany.

Editor’s note: However just like the Arabic Dead Osodashi Pictures and the Spanish Producciones Muerto ALF, the scary music and the creepy sounds can upset the german fans of Tom and Jerry and the character Jerry Mouse.

Final note: The company went dissolved and renamed as Sandy’s Tree-Dome Pictures, due to the lack of euros and problems.