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Background: in 1994, Dead Jerry Mouse Productions was founded by a French creator who did the work of art on Tom and Jerry in outer space paintings that are lost in 1987. The company has been founded on December 25, 1994 on Christmas Day while in France, it produces the horror films that filmed in France. like otherwise how the company has put out for the 1949 MGM cartoon named “Hatch Up Your Troubles”, which the creator reacted the scene where Tom tried to win by attacking Jerry with an axe after the baby woodpecker was tied up. the logo is still going until it stopped in 2006 due to being sued by Warner Bros. for making a logo.

(December 25, 1994-December 23, 2006)

Warning Warning: This logo contains gory content, photos and videos will be appear on site.

Nickname: “Tom chopped Jerry with an axe” “why did Tom hate Jerry so much?” “R.I.P. Jerry Mouse” “Producciones Muerto ALF’s french cousin” “how bad this logo has happened?”

Logo: we see the white screen as it fades with yellow screen. after that, we fade in to the screenshot of Tom Cat (with an evil looking face) looking at the dead Jerry Mouse which he got chopped off by an axe as we can see blood. the text “Dead Jerry Mouse Productions” is shown in dark red when it fades in, as the logo plays in few seconds which the “présente” fades in, as it lasts until it fades out to black.

FX/SFX: fading.

Trivia: The scene comes from the 1949 “Tom and Jerry” cartoon “Hatch Up Your Troubles” which it was original scene being shown before the logo was created.

Music/Sound: the 1993 Cosmopolitan Film Productions Company Ltd. plays throughout the logo.

Availability: Rare. Seen on some horror movies that is produced in France.

Editor’s note: The logo is seem to be a gory content at the following, which the footage is edited and created it as a logo. which it is very scary which it used to.

Final note: The logo went defunct as the Warner Bros. Company sued the logo for making unsuitable logo with Tom and Jerry, as the result that the logo is deeply went liquidated because of Tom and Jerry fans in France not liking this logo.