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1st Logo


Nicknames: "Ururun Morns Over the Dead Osodashi", "OOOOOHHH!", "The Reason Why I Don't Watch Five Nights at Zeke's"

Logo: In the black background, we see Osodashi Kamen from Jankenman (1991) laying dead with blood on his body and face. His intestines can be seen coming out of his ripped-open belly. we se Ururun (also from Jankenman) is seen next to him, being sad. Afterwards, the text "DEAD OSODASHI PICTURES" (in Chinese written in blood) appeared below. Osodashi's leg twitches twice.

FX/SFX: The Japanese animation.

Music/Sounds: Heartbeat sounds, followed by Osodashi moaning in pain.

Availability: Can be seen in most of Chinsese dubs of Adult Swim specials, especially Five Nights at Zeke's and A Death Metal Christmas and At World's End.

Editor's Note: The logo's nightmarish and gory content can upset a lot of Chinese fans of Jankenman and Osodashi Kamen.