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Backstory: Dead Rai Studios was a film-and-animation company created by Adrian "Trollsome" Lee and TheGachaGamerStudios. It created action, adventure, and horror films. The company went defunct in 2015 due to Dave and Bambi LLC. buying it and transforming into Dave/Bambi International.

1st Logo:


Nicknames: "That One Time That Rai Got Hit By A Car"

Logo: Just a still image of Rai getting hit by Dr. White's car, and the company's name appearing.

Variant: On some occasions, the picture uses other different characters.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: Just a car crash sound.

Availability: Only seen in "The Gacha Heat Virus: A Documentary" and some other shows, too.

2nd Logo:


WARNING: This logo might be a bit scary for kids ages 7 and under. If any of your kids watch this, just warn them or do anything else than show this to your kids.

Nicknames: "The Previous Logo In A Nutshell"

Logo: We see a car driving on the road, which is Dr. White's car. Then, we see someone (a.k.a JapanStudios) throw a spike at the road. It cuts to multiple shots of the car and spike, faster every shot. Then, Dr. White hits then spike and the car can't control itself. Then, in another place, we see Phillip and Trollsome playing catch, and Rai is just standing there, doing nothing. After 5 seconds, it cuts to Dr. White's car getting out of control, and it (again) cuts to multiple shots of Rai and the car, but lasts a little shorter, and the car hits Rai. Rai breaks his bones and gets flinged. Trollsome and Philip gasp, and they run to where Rai landed. Trollsome tries to wake up Rai, but he doesn't respond. He does CPR and other stuff, but still, it doesn't work. Phillip says to Trollsome, "Rai's dead. He will never wake up ever again." Trollsome says " NO! THIS CAN'T BE!". Before going to black, he looks up at the sky and says, "WHY WOULD THIS EVER HAPPEN?!?!?" and then looks at Rai, and then cries. It fades to black. Then, one by one, the words "Dead Rai Studios" appears in the same text as the other one, but it says, "presents..." after the other text is gone.

SFX/FX: The car, Dr. White, JapanStudios, the spike, Rai, the ball, Trollsome, Philip, and the text.

Cheesy Factor: A bit. For 1970-2000's standards, this logo looks like an actual logo. But for 2010's standards, it feels like if this logo was made 1 year ago.

Sounds/Music: The car driving, the throw sound effect, the suspense music, the car skidding, the ball bouncing, a car crash, a broken bone sound effect, the landing sound effect, the dialogue, and lastly, the Alabama Public TV music from the 1978? to 198?.

Availability: Back then, it was common to find the logo, but nowadays it's uncommon. They were only seen in tapes from 1978-1989, and in DVD's from 1990-2013. The logo was also briefly seen in the old website after the acquisition of the company for 4 more years before becoming and removing the logo.

Mikudayo Association LLC.[]

1st logo (2013-2015):

Logo: Just the words "Mikudayo Association" in a circle, with Mikudayo inside the circle.

SFX/SX: Text, circle, and Mikudayo.

Sounds/Music: Just the word "Mikudayo" being said 2 times.

Availability: Extinct. Last seen on "The E Show".

Editors Note: Lazy.