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Background: Dead Tom Cat Pictures is a Dutch production company in Netherlands founded in 1994, it was created by the Dutch horror director who created some horror movies. The director gave the suggestions to make the logo with Tom and Jerry characters to create the company about horrors and worldwide events, it was possibly reused for the British Dead Bugs Bunny Pictures while he described the most and worth of individual time. the sister company Dead Pat and Mat Films has bought the company to work on the several horror films by count. the logo may have gotten popular in 2010 when the horror films were created in Netherlands, the Warner Bros. Studios gave out some green light for the small animations of Tom and Jerry with some small bits to catch. later in December of 2021, the logo is still ongoing as possible, but it was announced that the logo will be going liquidation in July 25, 2022 due to the severe loss of the euros and possible directs that the director will rename the company as Tom/Jerry Entertainment Pictures as well the Tom Autopsy Films as for the different splits of the logo.

1st logo


Warning Warning: due to the logo’s extremely gore content. Photos and videos will not be seen on site.

Nicknames: “Dead Tom Cat” “Surgeon Jerry Mouse” “WTH!!!” “Hallway entering the surgery room” “Tom pukes blood!?” “Jerry! Why!?” “R.I.P Tom Cat” “Spike: You know, Tom has up to his great spirit of no matter what.”

Logo: The POV of the person walking in the hallway as we see the doors of the surgery rooms when the camera is zooming in, the lights flashes a bit as the door keeps zooming and zooming and zooming as it gets closer. then we see the hand when he opens the Surgery room number “243” when he goes to the surgery room, we see Tom strapped on an operating table as Jerry have the surgeon’s tools. Tom’s stomach has a cut which the tools did to him when he’s in pain, which he’s bleeding. then he pukes blood as he’s also pooping blood and intestines as Jerry watches. then he probably dies of blood loss as Jerry smiles, the text “Dead Tom Cat Pictures” in dark red as seen in Times New Roman font. then the logo fades out.


  • On some closing variations, the logo was shortened.

Technique: 2D animation.

Trivia: This is before the Arabic Dead Osodashi Pictures logo, the original logo maintained more popular in 2010 as well as it was seen in the horror promo episode of the Netherlands horror documentaries.

Music/Sound: The music box followed by the sounds of the footsteps, we hear the children in a echoing voice saying “ice cream” in the repeating way. as the door opens when the dramatic and suspense horror music plays, we hear a creaking sound followed by Tom screaming and crying in pain. we hear him desperate panting as he continued to scream in pain, then he stops as he is puking. we hear Jerry’s evil laugh at the following, we hear Tom making a last pain noises as he dies. then Jerry’s smile follows demonic laughs of Tuffy (Jerry’s nephew) as the heart monitor stops.

Music/Sound Variations:

  • On Spanish dubbing of “Killer Bears from California” (translated in English), the 1999 Producciones Muerto ALF was heard due to reverse plastering error.
  • On German dubbing of “The Doctor of Horrors” (translated in English), the 1979 Dead Jerry Mouse Pictures (Germany) was heard due to reverse plastering error.
  • On some closing variation, the logo was shortened with additions of Tom making all of that more screaming noises instead of panting.
  • In some Dutch dubbing of “The ALF”, the 1996 Producciones Muerto ALF which had the KF a.s. VHS logo from 1992 was heard due to poor plastering.

Availability: Common. Seen on the horror movies that released in Netherlands.

Editor’s note: This logo is in graphic nature due to the gore and creepy contents, which it upset a lot of Netherlands fans of Tom and Jerry.

2nd logo


Warning Warning: Due to the logo’s extreme gore content. Photos and videos will not be seen on site.

Nickname: “Dead Tom Cat II” “Jerry kills Tom” “Why did Jerry hate Tom so much?” “R.I.P Tom Cat II” “Jerry? what happened?”

Logo: In the operating room, we see Tom Cat (from Tom and Jerry) standing over there behind the operating table. then Jerry Mouse comes up with the knife, and then stabs Tom multiple times as he’s in pain. then he dies as he collapsed on the floor, the words “Dead Tom Cat Pictures” in different font as Jerry laughs evilly whenever he dropped the knife on the floor. then the logo fades out.

Technique: At this time again, it was 2D animated.

Music/Sound: The whistling sound, follow by footsteps sound effect as Jerry walks up to him. then the stabbing sounds followed by Tom screaming in pain, as he dies by stabbing from the pain. the horror music plays as Jerry let out a demonic laughs.

Availability: See the 1st logo,

Editor’s note: The creepy music and the logo can scare Tom and Jerry fans as well, like the 1st logo when the logo has some graphic nature when he gets killed.

3rd logo

(2006-July 25, 2022)

Warning Warning: Due to the logo’s gore content, photos and videos will not be seen on site.

Nickname: “Dead Tom Cat III” “OMG!!!” “Jerry Kills Tom II” “R.I.P. Tom Cat III” “Producciones Muerto ALF’s Netherlands brother” “Why did Jerry hate Tom so much? II”

Logo: Against in the darker red room, the camera pans as we see Jerry holding a knife. then there is a dead Tom Cat which with pool of blood and some stab wounds around him, as the camera stops as we see them in front of the operating table and Spike the Bulldog & his son Tyke. then we see Tuffy next to Jerry, the words “Dead Tom Cat Pictures” in black which it’s on top of the gang seeing Tom Cat getting killed. then the logo fades out.

Technique: CGI animation done in London, UK.

Music/Sound: Mosca Films logo’s music plays.

Music/Sound Variations: The horror music plays or the opening of the film.

Availability: Common. see the 1st and 2nd logo.

Editor’s note: the logo is still on graphic nature, however like the 1st and 2nd logos. It may still cause the upset a lot of Netherlands fans of Tom and Jerry.

Final note: the logo will become liquidation with the split of two logos in July 25, 2022, due to the loss of euros and directs.