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1st Logo

(May 2013- August 2014)

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Nickname: "The Black Cat" "Awesome Stand" "Rabbit Snaps His Finger" "Kicking a Cat Culture" "Cat: Merrrrrroooooowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Boss Wizard Productions (Germany/UK)'s Cousin"

Logo: on a White Background We See a Culture of a Black Cat Standing on a Table and Then We See a Rabbit Walking on a Table and He Snapping His Fingers and He Kicks a Black Cat and Floors Into a White Floor and Freezes Actually Almost Broken With the Text "this is a" in white and "DEMEL CRATZ" in Script Font and "presentation" in normal font when the cat had a straight face.

FX/SFX: HeartBreaking 2D Animation With Petty Neat.

Music/Sound: An Radio is Heard with a Static Follow Walking Sound,Snapping his Fingers and Kicking Sounds and The Cat Screaming That Cause to Fall and Thud into a Ground when the company's name comes in an The Rabbit Says "Überhaupt ÄRMSTEN AKTUEL!!!!!!!!!" or "GRRRRRRR!!!! THAT FAIL!!!!!!!!" or "ÅRRRRRRRMM HEPÖÄ GENSKET!!!!!!!!!" in German,English and Swedish Languages.

Availability: Seen on Early German,United Kingdom and Swedish Prints of "The Savanna Town".

Editor’s Note: None.

2nd Logo

(September 2014-)

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Nickname: "Rabbit Snaps His Fingers II" "Roaaarrrrrr Instead of Kicking" "The Black Cat II" "The Cat Culture" "Awesome Stand II" "Boss Wizard Productions (Germany/UK)'s Cousin got Some New Clothes"

Logo: Same as The Previous Logo But the Rabbit Snaps his Fingers and Roars at the Cat Culture and Falls into a Ground and The Company's Name Appears and Then "DEMEL CRATZ" in Blue and "presentation in yellow appeared only few seconds until the Logo Cuts We See the Other Stickman Jumping.

FX/SFX: All 2D Animation and Live Action.

Music/Sound: Same as Previous Logo and Then The Rabbit Roars Loudly Follow by The Cat Yowling and Thud and The Rabbit Saying in English "AWESOME!" and Then Cuts the Logo That The Jump is Heard at End.

Availability: Seen on Germany,UK and Swedish Prints of an All Seasons of "The Savanna Town".

Editor’s Note: None.