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(June 2013-)

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Warning Warning: Due to The Meat Folker Season 6 Episode 28 The Halloween Speical's Blood and Gore Content and Also Due to Season Finale of Jack's Spies' Disturbing Content The Captures and Videos Will Be Not Seen on this Site.

Nickname: "Denzel" "The Swirls is Magic" "The Dugglemonster" "The Lines,The Swirls and The Monster" "I'm Gonna Be Funniest Roar" "A Grey Streak of Blue Lines"

Logo: On a Lightish Grey Background We See Some Blue Lines With Blue Swirl and Denzel Dugglemonster on It with The Words "DENZEL Productions Inc." in Blue So "DENZEL" is Written in Script Font with 3D Dark Blue Outline.

FX/SFX: None. Expect The Logo.


  • on The Episode of The Alley Ball We See Denzel Laughing at The Text Productions Inc Tripped into a Floor.
  • on October 31 2014 as on Season 6 Episode 28 The Halloween Speical We See That The Denzel is Dead With a Blood and The Background is Dark Grey Instead of Lightish Grey is Usual.
  • Denzel Gets Shot on his Butt with an Arrow and The Background is Blue instead.

Music/Sound: An Denzel Says "I Got Goosebumps" As Follow by the Picture Expect The Logo The Variant That Denzel Laughing and Sometimes Season 6 Episode 28 The Halloween Special the Music from Filmgroup Logo in Short Version and Variant An Synthetic Trumpet Tune.

Availability: Seen on "Meat Folker UK" and The United States Version of "Meat Folker" Followed Up With Mad Duck British Productions PTY LTD. (USA/UK).

Editor’s Note: none.