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<u>Music/Sounds:</u>Wallace Says "Gromit!".
<u>Music/Sounds:</u>Wallace Says "Gromit!".
<u>Availability:</u>as seen on MATER AND LIGHTING TV SHOW.
<u>Availability:</u>as seen on CoWork.
<u>Nicknames</u>:Spongebob & Plankton,Time Machine Self,Rainbows.
<u>Nicknames</u>:Spongebob & Plankton,Time Machine Self,Rainbows.

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1993 logo.jpg

Nicknames:Gromit,Dog Close-Up,Wallace Help Me.

logo:on a gromit pulls off the screen and reads "DICKEO PRODUCTIONS"

Music/Sounds:Wallace Says "Gromit!".

Availability:as seen on CoWork.


2003 logo.jpg

Nicknames:Spongebob & Plankton,Time Machine Self,Rainbows.

logo:on a rainbow off the screen we see plankton and sponge bob falls out.

FX/SFX:Flying Down.

Music/Sounds:Fiesta Music On 1994.

Availability:Seen from Mater & Lighting tv show.


2004 logo.jpg


logo:on a jail we see flocks fell down.


music:Ahhhh After Beehing

Availability:seen on TVs (2005)

2005 logo.jpg

logo:TBA (2006-Present)

2006 logp.jpg
2007 logo.jpg
2006 logo.jpg
2006 id.jpg
2007-present logo.jpg

logo:A Picture of Gromit and Pooh And Again.