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Len Guards Studios

"Len Guards Studios" Was Dingybird2012 Studios' originial name, before it became Dingybird2012 Studios.

1st Logo (2011 - 2013)

Nicknames: The Len Guy Statue, Bronze Guy

Logo: A statue of Len Guy, with the words "LEN", "GUARDS", and "STUDIOS" on it's base. 


Music/Sounds: The Coin sound from Super Mario Bros.

FX: None

Avariability: Unknown

Scare factor: Medium, Len Guy has no face

Dingybird2012 Studios

This was the company itself.

1st Logo (2013 -)

Nicknames: Birdie, Dingy the Pretender

Logo: Spoof of Dingybird2012's old icon. 

File:Db12 studios logo.png

Music/Sounds: Music: The Paramount Blue Mountain logo's music. Sound: Dingy saying his name

FX: Fading in/out

Avariability: To be announced, first seen on Hev Guards.

Scare factor: None