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background:back in his high school days dan illy toie was bad teen he did cartoon and anime he made "seizure mctwo" (sue eio z-use-re mctwo back then) but his 12th grade teacher ms.brit gave him lots of homework. luckily dan did't listen to her. (1966) in 1971 after he died in 2013 dit enterertainment will stop making movies in 2022

logo 1 (1971-1976)

nicknames:"the bi-silk-all"

logo:on a background we see "dit" with someone dots the i

  • too late to get it: jim it runs in black background (white in u.k.) dots the i and exit
  • that's jimertainment:jim run in a green background (a lighter one in japan)

FX/SFX:both of them are made by 2016 studios

music/sounds:the closing theme of the show

scare factor:none