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1st Logo (1957)

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Nicknames: "The Ugly Shivakese Characters Of Doom" "The Scary Shivakese Fonts" "The Shivakan Personification Of All That Ugly" "Why I've Never Watched The Hugolash" "Tsinghua Film Co., Ltd. Scary Cousin I"

Logo: Over a smoky background, there's a pillar with two shivakese characters, the company name dose not appear.

Technique: The smoke.

Cheesy Factor: The shivakese characters look's ugly for some reason. Music/Sounds: None, which adds the scare factor.

Availability: Seen on The Hugolash.

Scare Factor: Low to high, the ugly shivakese characters, and the silence will scare many people, but it got worse from what followed...

2nd Logo (1962)

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Nicknames: "The Even Uglier And Scarier Shivakese Characters" "The Evil Sounding Fanfare From Hell" "Why I've Never Watched The Dream" "Did I Just Waste 22 Seconds For This?" "The Even Uglier Shivakese Texts Logo At The Beginning Of The Dream" "The Tinnitus Evilish-Sounding Fanfare" "Feng Huang and Fong's Shivakan Brother" "Now I Have Tinnitus: Shivakan Edition" "The Ugly Text Of Doom" "The Shivakese Text Of Final Judgement" "The Mute Button Is Broken" "Serma Less Drunk Cousin" "Beat That! Hong Kong!" "Tsinghua Film Co., Ltd. Scary Cousin II"

Logo: First we see darkness, then the screen lights up with smoke and we see a silhouette of the same pillar from before. Then it illuminates to revel that the pillar has the same shivakese characters from before, but with more letters.

Technique: The smoke and the pillar illuminating.

Cheesy Factor: The text's font seems ugly and the pillar is off-centered. The music is working too hard, though it adds to the cheesiness of the logo.

Music/Sounds: A Evilish sounding fanfare, made with Durm, cymbals, trumpets, violins. And it gets even more dramatic and more eviler when the pillar illuminates.

Availability: Seen on The Dream.

Scare Factor: Medium to nightmare, because even if this is a still logo, the bombastic fanfare can make everyone's people's bones shiver, and they would run in fear whenever they are not expecting it! The text can also contribute, and the pillar and the ugly shivakese texts can also do the same thing. Medium for those who used to it.