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1st Logo

(October 17, 2016-)

Nicknames: "Unfold", “Hear the Whole Picture”, “Feel Every Dimension”

Trailer: On a grey, gradient background, we see very fine white lines that join together and create small red lights. As the lines join together, they become sides of a 3D shape, with mostly triangles for sides. It spins left and then unwinds and expands to a bumpy grey surface. The surface then ripples, shatters and become small, right-angled triangles, which, just as quickly as they appeared, disappear via a rotating effect. These triangles then reappear as the camera slowly zooms out as these triangles start to join together and mechanically form the inside of a cube, which when we zoom out, is actually the Dolby "Double D" logo, accompanied by the "DOLBY" company name, in the company font on a background dominated by a bright light. During this zoom out, the word "ATMOS" flies in from the right and rotates until it faces the audience. Then, using the same effect, the words from tagline either reads "HEAR THE WHOLE PICTURE", or "FEEL EVERY DIMENSION", appear one by one.

FX/SFX: Top notch CGI by Imaginary Forces that is fast-moving, but at the same time, easy to understand.

Cheesy Factor: The only cheesiness about this logo is that the end music is sort of a rip-off of the THX "Deep Note".

Music/Sounds: Lasers and cybernetic sounds for the forming of the original 3D object. When the 3D shapes are joining and breaking apart, a sound similar to that of a Transformer is heard, while a low rising sound ajoins it. When the company logo is revealed, the low rising note then crescendos in a style similar to the THX "Deep Note".

Availability: Seen in theaters with Dolby Atmos, beginning with Brave.

Scare Factor: Hell. Depends on how loud the sound mix is played at. The Deep Note sounding crescendo may startle a few with THX-phobia. However, this would no doubt be an amazing cinema trailer to experience in a theater.

2nd Logo


Nickname: "Leaf"

Trailer: TBA!

FX/SFX: Amazing CGI!

Music/Sounds: TBA!

Availability: Seen in theaters with Dolby Atmos.

Scare Factor: None to Low.