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1st Logo

(2009- )


Nicknames: "Drawing Guy", "The Yellow Star", "Creepy Grin" 

Logo: We start with a yellow background, but suddenly the background folds into a CGI star on a blue Magna Doodle-like tube, revealing a cartoon version of Drawing Guy on a black background. The word "Drawing", in a White 3D stylized, Drawing Films logo font, flies up at the top of the screen, below the logo is the words "HOME VIDEO" wiping in via an effect. Drawing Guy's Eye "Winks".

Variant: Beginning in 2010, on some Drawing classic home videos (such as the 2010 re-prints of the Drawing Guy and the Backyard Gang videos), there is a special variant in which "CLASSIC COLLECTION" wiping via an effect, symbolizing the Drawing Home Video name also have classic videos. The star then reverses to end the logo with a yellow background. In Drawing Guy's Disgusting Puzzles!, they did the same thing but have the Greener & Friends Blu-ray And Dvd intro and it fades into a set.

FX/SFX: The CGI animation, sparkling a la the Columbia logo.

Music/Sounds: Barney Home Video Theme.

Availability: Seen on Blu-ray and DVD releases, starting with the 2010 release of Drawing Guy Songs. The Classic Collection variant can be seen on Blu-ray and DVD's with the spine with ''CLASSIC'' and Drawing between ''COLLECTION'' and on DVD releases, the offical DVD logo is also on the spine. Currently,Cartoon Network releases are distributed by MGM.

Scare Factor: Medium to high; the animation, Drawing Guy's creepy grin, and the dark background can unsettle some. None to low for those who are used to seeing it, especially for Drawing Guy fans.