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Background: EETELLAM Productions was founded by Gvinthan Navaneethakrishnan and Ramola Khrishni, in 1962. It soon became Suddhatmayanan Productions by Ragesh Mambian, former worker at EETELLAM at 1979. The company soon folded in 1992.


1st Logo


Logo: We see thunders on a black background for a couple of seconds, a la Koko's Earth Control. Then, we see a blue pedestal turning 90 degrees rapidly, saying "EETELLAM" in cerulean, and over it it's the text "Productions, Inc." in cursive white, in an almost dark nature. Blue light and smoke, accompanied with a sunburst background (which is barely seen) makes conjoint with the logo. The logo then becomes more brighter due to the thunder, and the dark nature dissapears.The logo stands still for a couple of seconds and then zooms to us.

FX/SFX: The thunders, the fog, the smoke, the text and the pedestal moving.

Music/Sounds: VERY LOUD Thunder sounds, then a tampura, trumpets and some bongoes playing very fast, followed by another thunder sound. A Sinhala man says in normal speed: "With all the power and precision you can do anything, but that should be grateful, by the arms of the power of the King." Followed by another fanfare by said instruments.

Availability: Seen on Vævili Samāgam Paudgalīkaraṇaya Karana Laddē, Mema Udghōṣaṇaya, Suḷi Kuṇāṭuva Aśva Gaman and Kāntāvak Oba Kæmati Næhæ.

Editor’s Note: Let’s just say that the nature of the logo is really, REALLY FAST! The thunders are some extreme flashing lights, including the thunder drawings, that will make people faint from epilepsy! And the are too much fast for the logo too, it doesn’t even had to fit from the start. This logo just likes to scare some people. The music doesn't help either, it's like some rapid music before on a fire. The announcer doesn't help neither, because the announcer's voice it's too deep. Those who are used to it shouldn't have much of problem, but the thunders may still catch them off-guard.

2nd Logo


Logo: On a space background, we see a planet spinning around (Supposed to be saturn) And then, a yellow comet overpasses the planet spinning, which spins even more faster than usual, with their rings too, and explodes. Then, an minuscule e zooms in from us and takes over the screen, which three lines come down on a blue background which the e emitted, and form another E, but mayuscule. The lines' background then zooms out to see an abstract star, which overpasses the mayuscule E, and the E then bends to take place for "ETELLAM", on Arial Black, to appear. The logo then stands still until it "shatters", and we see another space background, which cuts to the opening theme of the logo.

FX/SFX: Everything in the logo, all made with impressive hand-drawing animation.

Music/Sounds: A rustling sound, then a fast zap conjoint (a la Bryanston Pictures) logo, then an explosion. Proceeding it is a descending synth note which passes into a synth fanfare with real trumpets and drums, zaps make conjoint with it too. And to finish it, a Sinhala man sings something religious, and then a descending synth zap is heard.

Availability: TBA.

Editor’s Note: The shattering is just the logo split in two, and this is the polar opposite of some Sinhala logos. Everything seems to be made in graphic, but not a statue, which looks too much like an US logo. You should be wondering the strange nature of the logo, but it's harmless compared to the first logo EETELLAM worked on. However, it's quite impressive and very busy!

3rd Logo


Logo: On a dark background, there are some white lamps turned on, and another being surrounded by two big circles made with lamps. Then, the first circle and the lamp in the middle appear bigger, with several red lamps. The background disappears and a globe is rotating. There's a zoom out and we see that the globe is in the middle of a dark background with some white lamps. The globe stops when it reaches Sri Lanka, and its borders turn neon blue. There's another zoom out, and the globe is dark, with the exception of the borders of Sri Lanka. The background is similar to the previous one, but with some red lights on the lower side of the screen. A big cylinder appears behind the globe, ascending, while the background is being illuminated by a blue light. The cylinder fades out and is replaced by the statue of a saint with a red neon crown, and the blue light and lamps disappear, turning the background darker than before (only the crown and the borders of Sri Lanka are still illuminated), and some balls appear on the lower part of the screen. and the name of the company (Suddhatmayanan Productions) in Sinhala appears from behind the earth.

Trivia: The saint is actually Thiruvalluvar, a famous Tamil poet and philosopher from 3rd Century BC.

FX/SFX: Live action with some hand drawn animation.

Music/Sounds: A long synthesized note and a cymbal and drum roll until the earth stops moving. Then, a note with an electric guitar, a creepy melody with a piano and a cymbal roll. When the blue light disappears and the background turns black, we hear a hit of a gong and a note of a tanpura. Finally, there's a melody with a sitar and a crash of a cymbal.

Availability: TBA.

Editor’s Note: The dark nature of this logo and the creepy music can scare some people, even if some people can find this scarier then the first logo, most find it more tame compared to the first logo.