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Logo: On a space BG, we see the stars slowly sliding into place from the top of the screen, Then the company's name in a Times New Roman font, fades in when the stars stopped.

Music/Sounds: A soft, peaceful, almost lullaby like piano jingle.


  • A still version with the stars and text black on a white background, and the other was the stars and text white on a black BG.
  • A longer version exists where the animation is longer.

Availability: Was seen on the beginning and the end of Halloween Is Bating, And the still variant appears on shorts.

Cheesy Factor: the stars look like that they were dragging the paper from behind.

Scare Factor: Medium. The animation, the odd-looking stars may spook a few. None for long variant.

(2015-2016) Logo: Same as the first logo, but redone and the stars were CGI.

Music/Sounds: Instead the lullaby tune, it's the remixed version of the logo's theme.

Music/Sounds Variants; On the distorted version, The music is reversed and cartridge tilting at all times. For the Luigi variant, We hear Luigi saying "WE EAT LOTSA MEATBALLS!" 7 times instead of the logo's theme. On the japanese version, japan girl saying "Eitoritorusutā kabushikigaisha" instead of music.


  • There is the distorted version where the stars are broken, text reading "EIGHT L!$@23TE ST>>;[;[]" and the space BG is replaced by a really strange white noise background.
  • Stars are replaced by luigis and the text says "LUIGI TIME SPEGITHLELLYT".
  • On the japan version of New Halloween Is Bating, there is the Japanese version.

Availability: was seen on New Halloween Is Bating', and the distorted variant also appears on Aaron Movie 2.

Scare Factor; None. this is a cool logo. but GADZOOKS TIME!! for the distorted version, Low for the Luigi version, and RARE! for the japan version.