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Background: El Chileno Films is a film company founded in 1955 as ''Productora Nacional de Chile''. It was created by the Chilean democracy but in 1966, the film company changed its name to El Chileno Films and created a company called ''Chile Productoras'' that will own the company in the following year but in 1973. The film company taked a hiatus due the military coup until 1975, when the film company re-started operations thanks to many TV Channels. Its headquarters are both in Santiago de Chile, La Serena, Punta Arenas and even London.

1st logo (1955-1964, 1978-1988, 2020)

Nicknames: ''Chile Flag'' ''The Chilean Flag of Doom'' ''The Citys and the Flag'' ''BW and Color Flag'' ''LAVSPA'' ''The Chilean oldie cities'' ''Chile Black''

El Chileno Films 1955 logo BW
El Chileno Films LLMCLAP 2020 Variant

Logo: We see 4 citys of Chile the top-left have La Serena, the top-right have Valparaiso, the bottom-left have Santiago de Chile and the bottom-right have Punta Arenas and then, the Black and White Chile flag zooms in and then the word ''Productora Nacional de Chile'' in white text.

Variants: There's a color version used in re-prints and tv airings of the films.

On ''Logos logos mas creepy: la pelicula'' the text is replaced with the word El Chileno Films and the citys are replaced with the characters seen in the movie ''Viacom, Screen Gems, BND and THX '', also theres many thunders.

FX/SFX: The citys, the flag, and the text.

Music/Sounds: The Chilean National Anthem with some whoosh.

Music/Sounds Variants: On the Octuber 29, 1985 UCTV airing of ''La Torre del diablo'', the colored version, the 1984 Trans World Entertainment music was used due a plastering error.

On ''Los logos mas creepy: La Pelicula'' it has the opening theme to the movie and some BBC thunder sound effects which is also known for be used in India, Pakistan and Nepal movies. But on the Blu-Ray release. It have a distorted and terror version of the Chilean national anthem. But.... The LMCLP variant makes it sightly more creepy and even with the Blu-Ray and Chilevision airing.

Availability: Extremely Rare. It was lost in a time until the official YT channel of the film company uploaded a video of his identification history. It was 1st seen in La Muerte Silenciosa and last seen in El Rojo. The color version is Scarce. But this logo has a suprise apparence in the 2020 film called ''Los logos mas creepy: La Pelicula''

Editor's Note: This logo is unsettilling because of the flag zooming and the fanfare is loud. The color version makes it sightly not scary.

2nd logo (1958-1973)

PNC logo 1958-1973

Nicknames: ''The President Statue'' ''Chieno Films Statue'' ''Chile Flag II'' ''Chile Black II'' ''The Chilean Flag of Heaven'' ''Calmed Flag''