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Background: El TV Kadsre MCA Communications, Co. was founded in 1988, a year after El TV Kadsre signs for MCA, Inc.

(May 11, 1992-April 29, 1996)

Nicknames: "Zooming/Flashing ETVK MCA"

Logo: On a black background, an outline of the El TV Kadsre MCA logo zooms out, leaving a smoky trail behind it. The trail and "El TV Kadsre MCA " outline splits into three. The smoky trails get sucked into the logo, which stops in the top center of the screen. The "El TV Kadsre MCA " logo is a crystallized,. Then,the letters in the words "COMMUNICATIONS, COMPANY" appear on-by-one below "El TV Kadsre MCA ". A blue line starts in the center of the company name and splits into two, one line going towards the top of the screen, and one towards the bottom. The lines wipe the screen and bring forth either the Universal "90s Globe" or the El TV Kadsre "Swoosh". The El TV Kadsre MCA logo zooms towards the viewer as this happens.


  • There is an early variant of the logo. In it, The logo plays normal. But instead of the lasers shooting, the logo fades out. This is was seen in Hero Factory IV: Breakout.
  • Depending on the film quality, The white rather appear as tan, light yellow or blue.

FX/SFX: Very cool '90s computer graphics.

Music/Sounds: A synth chord seguing into some whooshing sounds combined with a drum-beat, followed by a synth trumpet fanfare, and then a metallic hit at the end (which is not present on the standalone variant).

Availability: Uncommon to rare. Seen in all prints by El TV Kadsre Films and Universal Pictures in El Kadsre between 1992 and 1996. It was also found in the last three Hero Factory movies on VHS, Laserdiscs and DVDs. The last film who use this logo is Bionicle: The Next Generation.