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(FAKE) Empower Angus Logo (2014-2016)-0

You Doodle Pro 2y017-01-22T03 14 36Z.jpg

Logo: On a Light White Background We See Jake and Bomb's Face has This Jake is Blowing Raspberries and Bomb is Angry and Some Words "ТОШКО ВЮПМ" ("Empower Angus") in Black So The Logo is Repeated Until The Logo Ends.

FX/SFX: None. Just a Logo Fading in and Out Suddenly as According to All.

Music/Sound: An Mimi Video Jingle.

Availability: Seen on "Spooky Cats", "Bye Bye Buggy" and "Planet Blow Ups".

Editor’s Note: None.

Final Note: in 2016 The Logo went Nightmare Defunct due to Serious Problems.