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Empresa Tyne, S.A. (or EmpTy) is a production company made by former Empresa Triunfal producer Colón Tyne. The company was not as successful as San Bugi could.

1st Logo (1998-2004)

Warning Warning: Due to the company's nudity lining, videos and captures of the logo will not be allowed on this site.

Logo: Set on a black background, we see a naked woman having sex with an alive teddy bear. The woman then unexpectedly looks at the viewer and says "Soy empty, ya callate!" And grunts. Over it, the text "EMPTY" on top and "PRODUCTIONS" on the bottom, appears on FF Blur, with a breast outlining on the first O of the text "PRODUCTIONS", appears when the woman talks. The woman then raises it's hand and takes over the whole screen, with the text "PRESENTÓ" on a black background.

A still variant also exists.

FX/SFX: All made in cheap 2D animation.

Cheesy Factor: What they think of the subject matter is gorgeous, but it isn't excusable for it's details.

Music/Sounds:An ascending robo-electronic theme, followed by the woman, and the woman grunting and then a hand slap.

Availability: Seen on films of their time, such as "Te Voy a Morder!" and "Die M********ing****ers!", which are some of the films they've made for television. The still variant is very common as far as modern old logos go, is seen in television series like "Banco Beneficiario de la Muerte", "Hijos de la Muralla" "Fuerza Interoceánica" "Caballeros" and "Boletín Back-Side-Flip".

Scare Factor: It ultimately depends on how you think of the subject matter present. It can range from medium to high, beacuse of the slap the woman does, and the nudity of the logo can also contribute. It's also the fact that this is the most obnoxious Equatorial logo ever made, as it's subject matter is the WORST. None for the still version, there's still that subject matter but the animation doesn't exist on this variant.

2nd logo (2004-2013)


Logo: On a space background, we see an cyan, cerulean/blue-lined eagle-like thing (possibly an airplane with two wings) flying through the right. The space suddenly gets the wind of the eagle, and then the whole background is on wide-screen. The background then explodes and the eagle stops flying. The background is now white, and due to the explosion, the text "EMPTY" with a green-white scheme, and over it the text "Productions", fly on mid air and then fall over the eagle. Some curved lines, possibly the parenthesis of this logo, appear from both sides of the screen. We then fade to black.

  • A still version also exists, with the background being either black or white.

FX/SFX: The animation, which looks pretty awesome from many years ago.

Cheesy Factor: The animation looks too fast and the eagle-like thing looks more like someone is conducing a toy airplane, and the space doesn't look like a space, it's just points on a dark blue background. However, it's less cheesier than the other logo that appeared before.

Music/Sounds: For the animated version: Jet-like sounds and antique wooshes, followed by a marching band fanfare, accompanied by 8-bit sounds. None or the ending theme of the show for the still version.

Trivia: As many of you don't know, this was a portion the Shippensburg University Red Raider Band playing it's fight song, "The Horse". Colón studied at this university, though, so much that he decided to do a conjoint with an 8-bit sound played on a Sandchill 830x Pro, exclusive for it's country, and it only took 12 minutes to make the music, less than usual!

Availability: TBA.

Scare factor: Minimal to medium. The fast pace of the animation along with the sudden sounds can shiver more than a few people due to it's cheapness, and it kinda make you wonder of the Media Blasters logo, but it's harmless compared to the 1st logo. None for the still variant.