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Logo: In a funky-style room, 2 eyes, big glasses, a mouth, and a bow appear in the center as we see 2 fists with eyes and lips on the right and 2 Dinosaurs on the left as the 2 fists do the Enterprise version of the Nick Nick Nick. Screens behind them say "Enterprise." On some parts, the Enterprises change to "Enterprise Network." After the 2nd time, we see Enterprise Network pop up on the screen 3 times.

FX: All live-action with puppets.

Music: A funky-sounding version of the theme.

Availability: Not as common as it was since the channel's launch, thankfully; can be seen on funk-related programs on Enterprise Music & Arts.

Scare Factor: Medium to NIGHTMARE; the face in the middle, the close-up of the Guys, and the graphics may scare some, and it also has seizure-inducing flashing.