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Background: Evil Doctor Studios is a vanity card of 15 year old voice actor and animator Sam A. Webster.

Nicknames: "The Doctor and his Patient", "Oh my god, doctor, what the... what did you do?!"

Logo: Inside a local hospital, on a doctor's office, we see a bald doctor giving some vaccine to a girl patient, but then, seconds later, the patient fell to sleep. The words "An Evil Doctor Production" fade in, and the footage fades out after that.

FX/SFX: The animated footage, but...

Cheesy Factor: ...It was recorded on the popular 2014 people simulation game The Sims 4.

Music/Sounds: The doctor speaking simlish when he gives vaccine to the girl patient, who then grunts. After that, Sam A. Webster shouts out these lines: "Oh my god, doctor, what the... what did you DO?!"

Availability: Seen on The Webster City Party.

Scare Factor: None to low. The girl patient's grunts may catch you off guard.