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1st Logo (1983-1989)

Nicknames: "If Josh Stomps on the Ground..." Logo: On a red background we see Josh ground-pounding on the floor to reveal the Extreme logo in yellow. Music/Sounds: None. Availability: Seen on The Bears. Scare Factor: Low. 

2nd Logo (1989-1994)

Nicknames: "Yoshi Blows Up!" Logo: On a color-changing background. we see a Yoshi and his body inflates. When getting bigger, he blows up and then we see the same logo as in 1st Logo, in red. Music/Sounds: End credits of the show Availability: Only seen on The Simpsons. Scare Factor: None because of the inflation and Yoshi's cheeks puffing up.

3rd Logo (1994-1998)

Nicknames: "Cazxaser's Face", "Worldvision Rip-off!" Logo: On a white screen, Cazxaser's head with a green aura around it zooms-out from the center. As the camera zooms-out, the green Extreme logo emerges from the front, and both plaster themselves into place as the background fades to black. Afterwards, the Cazxaser shines. Music/Sounds: Same as the 1985 Worldvision Television music. Availability: Only seen on Aaron. Scare Factor: High to NIGHTMARE. Cazxaser's bright green eyes with no pupils, the dark background, green aura, and the music will sure make people ran away with fear.

5th Logo (2003-)

Nicknames: "Kyurem's and Giratina's Faces", "The Face Strikes Again!" Logo: Same as the 3rd logo, but instead of the scary face, we see Kyurem and Giratina (Origin Forme)'s heads zooming in the center. Music/Sounds: Same as the Crown Movie Classics music. Availability: Currently used on many programming shows. Scare Factor: NIGHTMARE to HEART ATTACK!