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1st Logo (2012-present)

Nickname: "The X Motif" "FX Has The Movies"

Logo: On a black background, we see a flash of light revealing the X motif. Then the camera pans through the architectual space as we see the FXM logo. The words, "FX MOVIE CHANNEL" appear below the logo.

FX/SFX: The Flashing light revealing the X motif, the camera panning through the architectual space.

Music/Sounds/VoiceoverThe memorable ‘FX Has The Movies’ musical theme with a voiceover saying "This is FX Movie Channel", "You're Watching FX Movie Channel", "This is FXM" or "You're Watching FXM"

Avaliability: Seen on the beginning of any movie from FX Movie Channel, or a network ID.

Scare Factor: None.

2nd Logo (2014-present)

Nickname: "The FXM Pieces" "FX Has The Movies II"

Logo: On a black background, we see the rusted pieces that forms the FXM logo. The word "FEARLESS" appears below.

FX/SFX: The pieces forming the FXM logo.

Music/Sounds/VoiceoverSame as the 1st logo but with a different voiceover saying "This is FXM. Fearless" or "You're Watching FXM. Fearless"

Avaliability: Same as above.

Scare Factor: None.